I am always on the quest for the perfect products.  I absolutely love when a friend of mine tells me about a new beauty tool, cleaning product, restaurant with great food, etc.  I LOVE WORD OF MOUTH advertising!  I am the type of person that tells everyone I know about things I love.  I guess it is because I want you to experience the same joy I do when I adore something.  Are you like this?  Am I weird?


I have used the Mary Kay skincare system for the last 5 years or so. It has worked fine for me.  My biggest complaint was that I like sudsy face soap and the Timewise Cleanser isn’t sudsy.  Other than that, I liked it okay.  I was nearing the end of the bottle and I was wondering if I should try something else.  I felt like my skin was getting used to it (is that possible?) and maybe I should try something else.  Well the stars aligned that week because I was contacted by Tia from Muvazi to see if I wanted to try her skincare line.


It is a 4-part system that you use at night and in the morning (just like Mary Kay).  It brags to “visibly improve the signs of aging.”  Now I am only 34 so it isn’t like I have a ton of wrinkles but I definitely have some fine lines.  I can honestly say that after using this product for 5 weeks my fine lines have definitely reduced.  It is very strange to me.  I was looking back at some pics I took of myself a couple of weeks ago and I can totally tell a difference.

You can read here to see all the benefits of this product and why it works.

Muvazi is offering all readers a chance to purchase their skin care system for $69.95 with free shipping (originally $119.95) when you use the code “IHEARTIC”.  I like it so much that I purchased it myself after the free kit she sent me.  If you know me you know I must LOVE something to spend $70 on myself. orderThere is no risk also for trying it out.  If you don’t like the product send it back for a full refund.  But I guarantee you will! 





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