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I am working on a gallery wall at Denise’s house so I got the bug to do one in my own.  I have plans for a large one but for now I started small with a Mini Gallery Wall.  I purchased nine 5”x7” frames from the Dollar Tree and used some leftover spray paint from previous projects to create a nice little gallery of pictures of my husband I over the last 15 years for our master bedroom wall.


I also got the idea for the quote “How Sweet It is To Be Loved by You” from the sign I created in Denise’s house.  Kristen from Spunky Fluff sent it to me and I am holding a contest on Friday to come up with an original sign idea and one of you will win.  So put your thinking caps on and come back on Friday with your brilliant sign idea.


9 frames from Dollar Tree

Spray primer

Spray paint (I used Aqua from Rustoleum, Leafy Green from Valspar and some blue no name brand from a yard sale)

3M picture hanging strips (loves these little guys)

1.  I removed the glass and mats from the frame.  Then I spray primed them.  After dry I spray painted them the coordinating color.



2.  Then I put the glass and mats back in (without the back stand-up thingy) and taped my photos in place.

3.  Then I positioned them and used those 3M medium picture hanging strips on the back.



Some of these pictures are OOOOOLLLLDDDD school, back when my husband had longer hair and mine was parted down the middle.  Not a good look.  It was so fun looking through our pictures and strolling down memory lane.

And by the way it really is sweet to be loved by him.  I have the best man on the planet.

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  1. Really??? you’re married to my husband? ’cause I was sure I had the best man on the planet… LOL 🙂 I love this idea and going to pick up some frames from the dollar store as I am already in the process of doing a gallery wall of sorts in our family room. It is being filled with photos we’ve taken of places we’ve been to as a family.

    Once again thank you for sharing another great idea!

  2. Lol I saw where you got the idea for the quote but some how completely missed the spunky fluff part! Should know better then to try and read with a toddler in my lap!

  3. i really really really like this idea..but I don’t think I have a wall that would be big enough…Me and my Hon have been a couple since age 16 and married…38 years…lots of pics and some of the early ones are fun to look back at….Hair and skinny….LOL

  4. Peggy beat me to it. Oh well, I guess it’s a really good thing we all think our husbands are the BEST!
    I checked out the Spunky Fluff site – Love it!

  5. So glad you asked this question, I had the same one. And I don’t have the toddler excuse! Love the wall Beckie, gives me some great ideas!

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