5 Ways Focal Wall

A few days ago, I shared this fun confetti wall treatment that I installed in my daughter’s bedroom.  Using vinyl polka dots was an easy and inexpensive way to make this focal wall.  I love the way it turned out!


Focal or accent walls can be a really effective decorating technique.  Limiting a bold color, interesting pattern, or decorative woodwork to just one wall has some definite advantages.  It’s a great way to test a statement design without the commitment required if you put it on all four wall s of a room.  An accent wall may be a cost-effective way to bring a high-end product you love, like wallpaper, into your room.  And a focal wall can add drama and visual interest to an otherwise bland room.  Check out a few more ways to DIY a focal wall below:


1. Grasscloth and Nailheads


This handsome backdrop to a brightly colored headboard  was created by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.  It is full of textural and visual interest, thanks to the ingenious combination of grasscloth, nailheads, and wood trim.

2.  Molding and Artwork


 Pairing a dramatic greek key molding design with whimsical artwork puts the focus on this office wall at All Things Thrifty.

3.  Paneling


Cottage-style board and batten paneling provides the illusion of a grand headboard as well as a dramatic accent wall in the guest bedroom at Life on Virginia Street.

4.  Stenciled Pattern


Sawdust & Embryos made this eye-catching herringbone wall with tons of fun pattern and color.  You might think it’s wallpaper, but all those patterns were achieve with stencils!

5. Washi Tape


 This focal wall was made with very little muss and fuss, thanks to washi tape!  Get some tips for this technique from Ann Kelle.

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  1. I don’t think I could bear to use that much washi tape on the wall, ha! Then again, I’ve never finished a roll, so maybe that’s not a lot of it, who knows?!
    I love the stenciled one – it really does look like little bits of wallpaper!

  2. I had that same paneling in my guest room at my old house and LOVED it. I am fortunate that my hubs pretty much lets me have free reign with decorating. Maybe you can butter him up a little! 🙂

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