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For the past three years I have flown out to California to attend the winter Craft & Hobby Association Tradeshow.  It is basically a show where crafting companies set up booths to showcase and sell their products to retailers and distributors.  A few select bloggers are allowed to come and walk the floor, help companies demo, and participate in the craftiness.  I actually walked the entire floor twice, which is amazing, considering how large it is.  I came in contact with a lot of great people and got to see some really fun products.


Every year the Craft & Hobby Association gives out awards for innovation and design.  This year won the Innovator award for their product.  I got to stop by their booth and see it in action and I thought it was such a technology forward idea that you can inject into your craft projects.



So here is the basic jist:

Their product is QR codes. They retail for $2.99 for a pack of two stickers or one iron or sew-on fabric patch. You have to download their free app on your phone or Ipad. Then you scan the QR code and you can record a video, take a picture, or a text message, etc. The information is all stored in a QR code. Then you attach that QR code sticker or patch to a project.


So here is my QR code you can scan with any QR code reader app or the app. You can watch me at the show in their booth talking about the product.

stkrit qr code

Or you can simply click play here to watch it as well.


I thought it would be a great way for you to record grandma (you might have to help granny Winking smile) who makes a quilt or stuffed animals for your kids.  Or what about recording messages for loved ones who live out of town and sending a postcard with the QR code attached.  The possibilities are endless but are obviously limited to those that have an Iphone, Mac or Ipad.  I just thought it was an amazing idea.

stkrit ideas

Do you want a free pack?  Just follow the instructions below and they will send you one free of charge!

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  1. I wish you could do it on android too… I will never own an apple product, but we have LOTS of android products! 🙂

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