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This post is written on behalf of Hallmark Card Rewards but my story is my own.  Yep indeed, you can’t make this stuff up.

I have this fetish for gift stores.  I love little novelty stores that sell small giftable trinkets that are unique.  When I was growing up the store my mom always grocery shopped at was called Eagle (in Elgin, Illinois). Right next to Eagle was a Hallmark store.  Whenever my mom forced me to grocery shop with her I always asked her if I could instead go to Hallmark and look around.  She would always give me a time limit telling me I had to be back to Eagle in 25 minutes.  So for 25 minutes I loved reading through all the funny cards and looking at all the gifty items. I would make a list of things I wanted from Hallmark and give it to my mom for my birthdays and Christmas.  Even back then I was creative. I was probably the only kid who had a Hallmark shopping list.

hallmark-memory-products There’s No Place Like Home Frame, School Days Kit, Show Dad Love Kit, Boy Watch Me Grow Kit 

Today is no different.  I could spend hours in Hallmark, especially at Christmastime.  They have the most beautiful keepsake ornaments as well as beautiful Christmas decor.  And of course…cards for every occasion. 


In fact, on date nights my hubby and I are known to walk around and read the funny cards in Hallmark.  Inevitably, we buy one or 5.  Speaking of buying 5 cards…

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If you have shopped at Hallmark lately you have probably heard of the Hallmark Card Rewards program.  You get rewarded for buying cards at Hallmark or at any other participating store that sells Hallmark cards – it even includes online cards at Hallmark.com.  After you buy 5 cards you get rewarded.  And of course – there’s a app for that!  Download the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app (Android and iPhone), to easily scan the barcode on the back of your purchased Hallmark cards and register your rewards for your account. 


If you haven’t registered for Hallmark Card Rewards you can do so here.

So tell me am I the only one who reads card for fun?  Any other Hallmark card junkie out there?


Disclaimer:  This is a paid post on behalf of Hallmark Card Rewards…all stories are my own.

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  1. Next time you are in a Hallmark Store ask if they have a local Keepsake Oranament Club. You can get rewards not only from buying cards, but also making other purchases in the store as well as their Keepsake Ornaments. To find out more about the club pick up a Keepsake Dreambook, and become a member. If your local store doesn’t have a club, find out if your store is willing to sponsor one. The club I belong to has a goal of raising money for charity in our local town with the store’s help. Some stores give club members discounts as well.

  2. I love Hallmark, especially their keepsake ornaments. I’ve been collecting the ballerina ornaments for my daughter (now 25) since she was a little girl. As soon as my grandchildren were born, a keepsake collection was started for them, as well.

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