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How many of you have a steam cleaning machine?  I didn’t until Home Right sent me theirs to try out but I always wanted one.  Home Right offers affordable solutions for the DIYer to help make your projects easier with their small prep tools.  I have their paint sprayer and desk washer and I love both of them.  They just launched the Home Right Steam Machine and I got this little guy in the mail to try out.


It comes with a bunch of little attachments for all of your cleaning needs. The tiny ones you can store right in the front of the machine.  All you do is figure out which attachment you want to use, add water, and tighten the top.  Then you plug it in and wait about 8 minutes for it to build up pressure and steam.  The press your trigger and go.


I knew exactly where I wanted to clean…AROUND THE TOILETS.  I have a very fun and active 6 year old who has the aim of an old man who lost their glasses.  So no matter how much I cleaned the bathroom is always smelled like pee.  For real people.  I even replaced the toilet seat hoping that would help.  I discovered the smell was coming from the deep, dark places I couldn’t see.  Egads!

SteamMachine with Jet Nozzle


So I used the small jet attachment and steam cleaned around the toilet.  And let me tell you it stunk so bad after I cleaned it because it pulled out all that NAST!  For real…look at the NAST it pulled out.


After wiping it up and disinfecting the area I came back an hour later and stuck my head by the toitie – yep I sure did.  No pee stench.  Thank you Home Right.  Like for real.  I am amazed.

I am loving this little cleaning contraption. It uses no chemicals just the power of steam!  My only real complaint about the product is I wish it came with a pouch or something to keep track of all the attachments – maybe I shall DIY one.  Smile

Note: It looks like the Home Right Steam Machine is on sale on Amazon for $79.99 – that is $20 off MSRP.

So who wants to win one of these pee removers steam machines?

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  1. Oh My I have always wanted one of those home steamers. I would steam everything. I love the bathroom idea. I have a 4 year old who pees standing up in the middle of the night without opening his eyes. I have to clean the bathroom almost on a daily basis.

  2. I have to laugh at the “Nast” as I am at Panera eating and I can’t tell you what it did to my stomach as I was taking a bite. 🙂 However, it is good to get the place really clean!!!

  3. Have you given this a workout in other areas of the house? Say, cleaning the stove top or the oven? Shower doors? Grout? How long can you clean for before it needs to be refilled? How dry is the surface after you use it? If I don’t win the contest, I would really consider buying this machine. Does it seem like it is built to last? Thanks for any additional input you can give!

  4. I’m the only female in my house. DH and DSx2, even out DD(dear doggie) is a male. ): That said, YES! I would love a steamer! Lol I’m scared tho to think of what kind of NAST I would find around my toilet….yuk!

  5. I borrowed a steamer once and it was the best cleaning my house has ever gotten – I steamed everything! Would love to own one!

  6. PLEASE!! I have 3 boys under 8 who all think aiming means to just sort of stand there and let things flap around like a hose going full-stream.

    I always say there are two things that challenge the male of the species when using the bathroom: Age & Altitude.

  7. I want one of these steam cleaners in the worst way. The older I get the more sensitive my skin gets to harsh cleaners. Steam cleaning would help greatly in that area. Good luck to all of us.

  8. I am with you. I have been developing allergies too. I use mostly all green ones like the Shaklee Basic H products because of it.

  9. Lisa,
    I did clean the inside of the stove with it and it really loosened up all the baked on junk. That is all I have tried it on. The directions says it can hold enough water to steam for 45 minutes straight. It does say that you may need to let it sit for a few minutes to let the steam build up again. It seems like it is built to last. The surface is not dry after you use it. It is wet from the steam so you do have to wipe it up. I have no shower doors so I didn’t try that but I bet it would work wonders on that. I hope that helps.

  10. Oh yuck, that sounds torturous. My son always leaves the pee in the toilet because he forgets to flush at night. The smell is so gross in the morning.

  11. I know right? I did the same thing. It is under the toilet where you can’t reach that makes it smell so bad. You should have seen all the yellow that came out. It was disgusting.

  12. Yea. I go through so many of those Clorox wipes. this would be wonderful to really do the deep cleaning.

  13. Thank you for including me in the giveaway. I have boys under 5 years-old so I can relate to the pee smell 🙁 ICKKK….

  14. I really need one of these!!! I no longer use chemicals and would like to have an alternative to the homemade stuff I’ve been using. Wonder how it does on wood floors?

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