I had so much fun with this project! Wallpapering with fabric is so much easier than I thought. It seemed a bit intimidating at first, but the whole thing took less than an hour. The double bonus of it (the first bonus is..I LOVES IT!) is when I am sick of it I just use a spray bottle of water and it comes right off the walls. No paint, no mess, no yucky wallpaper goop. How is that for totally terrific?!?!IMG_0601

I showed you how I made the owl yesterday. Well the poor guy needed a place to perch. So I made him a tree. It was so simple, let’s begin, shall we?

First I taped a bunch of newspaper together and drew a tree pattern. No rocket science here I just sketched it out freehand style. Then I cut out my pattern and pinned it to my fabric and cut it out. I did not prewash my fabric, it is not necessary. I did iron it though.

Next I took the tree up to Isaac’s room and pinned the tree in place with straight/stick pins to make sure I liked it and that it was in the right place.IMG_0590 Now the next part is to get some liquid starch. The brand I have is Sta-Flo. I have no idea how much this costs. I actually tried making paper once which my husband TOTALLY makes fun of me about to this day, (it was at least 7 years ago). So I had some leftover starch from that project. Shu’up, yes I kept it!

IMG_0591 Starting at the top of the tree remove the pins and using a small pink nap roller, roll on the concentrated liquid starch directly onto the wall. IMG_0592 Then smooth your fabric over the starch with your fingers. Do not stretch the fabric just press it in place. You could use a brayer or a credit card if you wanted but the fingies work just fine. IMG_0593 Once the fabric is in place, roll some more liquid starch over the fabric to seal it in place. Keep working, unpinning the fabric, rolling on some starch, pressing it in place, and then rolling on some more starch until your fabric is all done. You can see towards the bottom of the tree (near the chair rail) there is some extra fabric overlapping. I figured it would be best to have extra to cut off rather than be too short.

IMG_0594 I let it dry completely. I think it took about 6 hours. After it was all dry I used an Exacto knife to cut the fabric at bottom the tree.IMG_0604IMG_0605Then using a wet rag and sponge I wiped carefully all around the tree to get all the extra liquid starch off the wall. I hammered a few nails in the wall and hung Mr. Owl in his rightful spot on the tree.

IMG_0601IMG_0602IMG_0606Ok so now come all of your opinions. I realize the owl is bigger in proportion to the tree. So what do you think? Should I add more braches to make it wider and taller? Should I add leaves to the tree? Does it need a full moon? Or is it perfect just the way it is?

No matter what your opinion is you gotta give a girl mad props admit that it rocks for $6! ($4 for the fabric, $2 for the scrapbook paper on the owl). You will definitely be seeing more of this technique in my home soon.

If you try this at home make sure you use a lightweight fabric. I am sure it goes without saying that it won’t work with heavy fabric. However, I would hate to get hate mail when one of your tried it. Think of all the possibilities of fun things you can put on your walls? Flowers, birds, owls, letters, numbers, dots, ladybugs! Then when you change your mind…spray it off.


If you try this at home, take lots of pictures I would love to feature your project on one of my You Inspire Me posts.

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  1. This is awesome! I am thinking of some great possibilities for the girls' room.

    My husband and SIL are both artists that no longer use their talent very much in their chosen profession and this has inspired them again. Thanks so much!!

  2. HUH-LARE-ius!!!!!! I was laughing out loud. I LOOOOOOOOOVE it! I would have never in a bajillion years thought of that! Too funny. But you're absolutely right. It TOTALLY needed a tree to perch on. It's perfect.

    You crack me up.
    love ya!

  3. This is awesome!! I was just thinking about mod podging stuff to my kids walls but worried about the damage it would do. I can totally do this instead! Thanks!!

  4. Oh WOW!! I've heard of wallpapering with fabric before, but I thought it was way more complicated. I am so going to try this!

    The owl and the tree are GREAT!

  5. What a great idea. I love the result…it is perfect the way it is, but a full moon never hurts! 🙂 I missed the owl post, so I'm on my way to look at it. The ideas this is sparking is exciting! There are sooo many things that could be done! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Are you joking?!?!?!? That looks so amazing and I don't think you should add one single thing. It's fantastic. Really, so cool.

  7. I've never seen this done, it turned out absolutely great, perfect place for the super cute owl.

    Did the starch leave a film or shine on the wall, making this area look different from the surrounding wall color? Or simply dried to look just as it was before? Curious!

    Thanks, Janell

  8. I've never seen this done, it turned out absolutely great, perfect place for the super cute owl.

    Did the starch leave a film or shine on the wall, making this area look different from the surrounding wall color? Or simply dried to look just as it was before? Curious!

    Thanks, Janell

  9. I've never seen this done, it turned out absolutely great, perfect place for the super cute owl.

    Did the starch leave a film or shine on the wall, making this area look different from the surrounding wall color? Or simply dried to look just as it was before? Curious!

    Thanks, Janell

  10. I've never seen this done, it turned out absolutely great, perfect place for the super cute owl.

    Did the starch leave a film or shine on the wall, making this area look different from the surrounding wall color? Or simply dried to look just as it was before? Curious!

    Thanks, Janell

  11. That is ADORABLE!!! I think he's perfect. I love that he's big compared to the tree, kind of funky and cool. Loves him!! Loves you!!

  12. Wow! I had no idea this was even a possibility! Very cool.

    My husband owns a painting/contracting company, so I have to let the professionals do things to our walls. This is something I'd love to try, though! 🙂

  13. That totally ROCKS…I have ideas sprouting all over the place! Ooooo…gotta go think on paper now! Smiles to the zaniest chick I know…that's you!

  14. Adorable! I think it is perfect just the way it is, but a moon would be a cute addition. I once did fabric stars on the nursery ceiling. Very fun!

  15. That…. is…. too….. cute! I LOVE IT! I didn't even think about proportions (which is weird, I can be a little crazy about stuff like that), it's adorable. I was thinking though that in the spring you will have to add some leaves. : ) That could be some fun "craps" for you and Isaac though. : ) I don't know, a moon might be cool… especially if you put that glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge on it. OOOhhhh….

  16. I've seen this techique before but have never been brave enough to try it. It turned out awesome!

    I think the proportion of the tree looks just fine – it adds to the whimsy of the owl who, let's face it is the star of this show! But I have to admit, I said "Oooooo!" out loud when you mentioned the full moon! That would be such a great addition!

  17. Can't wait to try this with butterflies and flowers for my girlies! I love that it will just come off!

  18. Oh it is PERFECT the way it is! I love the big owl! I hadn't heard of wallpapering with fabric, but it is now on my list of things to do…

  19. Love it! You'll have to let us know when you take it off how easy it is. I'm curious about what the walls will look like underneath.

  20. I think it's ADORABLE! Unique, creative AND inexpensive. Love the way your mind works. 🙂

    BTW – you've been BOO'D! Check out my post today. 🙂

    pk @ Room Remix

  21. I knew it… did I tell you or what?! You are awesome and I am so glad you gave that whimsy-funk owl a place to call home… I think a black hole on the tree – after all the guy needs a place to go to sleep in – and a moon for sure and I love leaves – its a thing with me… but I think the colors in Isaacs room – brown, orange, green (actually it's blue, huh?) would lend nicely to leaf colors… yes… do leafs… can't wait for the next blog to see the project in motion!

  22. Very nice! I love the owl! I love the tree! It looks like the top of a tree so you don't have to think about proportion. I think putting leaves would make it busy. It is perfect the way it is. A moon would be sweet though, but completely unecessary as the owl in the tree says it all. That is so great!

  23. I love this!!!! So adorable. I am really going to try this…there are just so many possibilities.

  24. Um….it really does rock! I vote for a moon…it is an owl, you know?

    LOVE IT!!!

    We have a book about three owls who are waiting for their mother to come back and my kiddos love it, this totally reminded me of that.

  25. I'm totally in love with liquid starch. I used it years ago to put a fabric border around my daughter's room. Just last week I removed the fabric border with ease (the wallpaper border underneath is another story!)

    This summer I used liquid starch to adhere burlap to two crazy little windows I have. With such great success, I continued and put starched burlap on my fullview front door.

    Looking for more projects that use burlap and liquid starch!

  26. When I was growing up we lived in Navy housing so we weren't allowed to paint. My mom always "wallpapered" with fabric (sometimes a sheet!) and starch. It looked great and when it was time to move, she just wet it and pulled it down. Love it.

  27. So stinkin cute…my mind is continuing to race more over Kates room!! I bet Issac loves it!! I totally think you should add a moon and some leaves…a little more color ya know! 😉

  28. Love this!!!! I like how the owl is bigger, it adds to the cuteness…I think a moon would be good, maybe bringing some of the white from the trim in the room together.

  29. I love your step-by-step instructions on this! I've seen and read about this before, but never felt like I could do it! Great Job!

  30. Ok here is my idea – you should have leaves for spring & summer(green) and fall (red, orange, yellow, & green). Then you can teach Isaac about seasons, having him look out his window and making sure his tree matches what is going on outside your house. Educational and VERY cute! A great way to add more color. 🙂

  31. You are brilliant! This is the neatest idea and I've never heard about this process. Thanks for sharing steps.

    I like it just the way it is. An any size full moon would be great, but imo it is perfect! ~Molly

  32. Love the owl! so stinking adorable! and the tree is perfect. I think it gives it a cartoon feel. You are amazing!

  33. 7 year old starch! omgosh!!! LOLOL! cute tree and owl. i say let your little guy decorate things to hang on the tree… like abc's, leaves, christmas ball, snowflakes, hearts… it can change for the holidays or the seasons.

  34. cool! thanks for the tutorial!
    I like the tree and the owl… I vote no leaves.

  35. Now that is too cool! Liquid Starch rocks! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and inspiration.

    Jenn @ rookno17.blogspot.com

  36. Love, love, love it!!!!! I have been wondering about liquid starch – – nice to have the tute on it now! I say leaves, but wait till spring! It could totally be revolving, you could do the fall moon and stuff now, then add a little snow for winter, then in the spring pull the snow off and add leaves! I know, leave it to me to make more work for you! It looks fantastic – – I'm thinking I might have to steal this idea to go with the frog!!!

  37. Using liquid starch to hang the fabri on the wall-and allow it come off easily-is SUCH a clever idea! You never cease to amaze me! When I saw your tweet about fabric on the wall I knew I had to come check it out. Now I'm wondering if there is anywhere I need some fabric on my walls? (P.S. I like the tree & owl just as they are!)

  38. I love the whole look the way it is. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure everyone in blogland is going to try fabric on their walls now.

  39. Maybe someone else said this…you could add leaves in the spring, take them down in the fall. Is that too much work? I would love to try this! I'm bookmarking right away!

  40. I like it jsut the way it is! The oversized owl is really fun! Thanks so much for sharing the process, I'll be linking.

  41. You should TRULY be so PROUD of yourself! So cute, I love that the Owl is a little bigger… and to be honest had you not said anything I wouldn't of taken another look, WAIT' YES, I would HAVE, because its too cute! anyhoot, ha! i LOVE that he is bigger he is the star attraction. I think leaves would be cute.. but a full moon might make it seem to fall or spooky… Loves IT! WAY TO GO GIRL!

  42. I have always done this is the coolest thing!
    I am about to finish one I will send it to you within the next couple of days, however I do mine a bit different.
    I take the fabric submerge it in the starch let it dry outside then I get a spray water of water and moist it and attach it to the wall.
    I had them up for over 2 years in my old apartment and they never fell down.

  43. This is a great idea – how do you get it off when you are ready for the walls to go back to normal?

  44. I like what you've done!. I'd make the tree a bit bigger, but that's just my humble opinion.

    I'll add what I've done. There are lovely 'panels' of fabric you can buy, probably intended to be made into quilts and hand embroidered, etc. – not something I'm good at. But I bought several anyway. Then decided one year in a mad rush I needed some large decorations on the wall for a holiday. I cut the panels to their proper size, hemmed a very simple folded back once edge all around.
    Then soaked the fabric in 3 parts liquid starch and 1 part water – just to extend it a bit and making the soaking easier.
    Then squeezed it out, slapped it on the wall, straightened the edges as I squeegeed it with my hand to pull out the wrinkles.
    Looked gorgeous, stayed there two months. Just grabbed a corner and pulled to take it down, threw it in the wash, and it's ready for next year. Washed the wall down of extra starch left behind, very easy.

    I'd love to try an entire wall with fabric instead of wallpaper!

  45. Seriously, this is the greatest thing ever. I don't know how exactly I got to your blog from where ever I was but I LOVE this. Thank you!

  46. I just discovered your blog today and have been hoping around looking at different projects. I am going to do this in my daughter's room!

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