Fabric on the Walls

I had so much fun with this project! Wallpapering with fabric is so much easier than I thought. It seemed a bit intimidating at first, but the whole thing took less than an hour. The double bonus of it (the first bonus is..I LOVES IT!) is when I am sick of it I just use a spray bottle of water and it comes right off the walls. No paint, no mess, no yucky wallpaper goop. How is that for totally terrific?!?!IMG_0601

I showed you how I made the owl yesterday. Well the poor guy needed a place to perch. So I made him a tree. It was so simple, let’s begin, shall we?

First I taped a bunch of newspaper together and drew a tree pattern. No rocket science here I just sketched it out freehand style. Then I cut out my pattern and pinned it to my fabric and cut it out. I did not prewash my fabric, it is not necessary. I did iron it though.

Next I took the tree up to Isaac’s room and pinned the tree in place with straight/stick pins to make sure I liked it and that it was in the right place.IMG_0590 Now the next part is to get some liquid starch. The brand I have is Sta-Flo. I have no idea how much this costs. I actually tried making paper once which my husband TOTALLY makes fun of me about to this day, (it was at least 7 years ago). So I had some leftover starch from that project. Shu’up, yes I kept it!

IMG_0591 Starting at the top of the tree remove the pins and using a small pink nap roller, roll on the concentrated liquid starch directly onto the wall. IMG_0592 Then smooth your fabric over the starch with your fingers. Do not stretch the fabric just press it in place. You could use a brayer or a credit card if you wanted but the fingies work just fine. IMG_0593 Once the fabric is in place, roll some more liquid starch over the fabric to seal it in place. Keep working, unpinning the fabric, rolling on some starch, pressing it in place, and then rolling on some more starch until your fabric is all done. You can see towards the bottom of the tree (near the chair rail) there is some extra fabric overlapping. I figured it would be best to have extra to cut off rather than be too short.

IMG_0594 I let it dry completely. I think it took about 6 hours. After it was all dry I used an Exacto knife to cut the fabric at bottom the tree.IMG_0604IMG_0605Then using a wet rag and sponge I wiped carefully all around the tree to get all the extra liquid starch off the wall. I hammered a few nails in the wall and hung Mr. Owl in his rightful spot on the tree.

IMG_0601IMG_0602IMG_0606Ok so now come all of your opinions. I realize the owl is bigger in proportion to the tree. So what do you think? Should I add more braches to make it wider and taller? Should I add leaves to the tree? Does it need a full moon? Or is it perfect just the way it is?

No matter what your opinion is you gotta give a girl mad props admit that it rocks for $6! ($4 for the fabric, $2 for the scrapbook paper on the owl). You will definitely be seeing more of this technique in my home soon.

If you try this at home make sure you use a lightweight fabric. I am sure it goes without saying that it won’t work with heavy fabric. However, I would hate to get hate mail when one of your tried it. Think of all the possibilities of fun things you can put on your walls? Flowers, birds, owls, letters, numbers, dots, ladybugs! Then when you change your mind…spray it off.


If you try this at home, take lots of pictures I would love to feature your project on one of my You Inspire Me posts.