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Hey y’all I’m back today sharing a super simple outdoor project that is sure to add some fun and whimsy to your outdoor spaces! Making a couple of tiered planters adds height and color to your porch or deck.


This was a use-what-you-got kind of project which is always my favorite kind, but if you’re starting from scratch you’ll need………

tiered planter supplies

A fence board is perfect for this project as they’re weather treated and quite strong (plus the under $3 price tag isn’t half bad either).

If you’re like me and have a few leftover boards from other outdoor projects laying around your garage  – even better!

You will start by cutting the picket off of your fence board, and then cut two half inch pieces (to use as your stakes).  A hand saw is all you need, but if you have a power saw that will make this project even quicker!  Once your stakes are cut you will want to cut the top 8 inches down to about 1/4 inch – this is where a hand saw is super helpful.  (Keep in mind: the size of your stake depends on the size of the holes in your pots.  You want the pots to fit snugly around the stake.)

how to make a tiered planter

Paint all of your pots and stakes before assembly.  I got a little painting help from my little girl.  She painted the pots on the top, and I spray painted the large terra-cotta pots on the bottom white.  Then I put them together.

tiered planter
tiered flower pots

You will want to put the pots on the stake before you add the supports.  The supports are optional, but they do make it sturdier.

tiered flower planters

I cut mine to look like arrows then nailed them to the stake.

tiered planter

I used rub ‘n buff in gold leaf to add a little southern summer welcome message to our patio –  just used my finger to write the words.

These new tiered planters are such a fun addition to our outdoor dining area!

Come check out my potting bench and 2013 summer list!  And feel free to take a full patio tour while your visiting!  Don’t you just love this time of year?!

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  1. Love this… they are so cute! Adding this to my Summer project list.

    btw… just curious. I recognize Carmel’s house…. just wondered why there’s no credit to her or Our Fifth House?

  2. Carmel actually wrote this herself. I guess she just forgot the intro. Ha! She does link to her site a lot though. 🙂

  3. cool next project. I did something a little different Hung three using a washer on the bottom one and feeding a chain up through the middle. I am loving these styles of thanks for your tips

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