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My friend was redoing her son’s room to a transportation theme. I thought the four truck pictures in Isaac’s room would go perfect in that room so I gave them to her. It left a big, open wall for me to redecorate. Of course I wanted to do something on the cheap so I decided to make my own “owl art.”
Owls are the rage right now. I see them on shirts, pants, purses, and bags. I decided I wanted my owl to be chunky. 🙂

IMG_0588 I started by scouring my garage for pieces of wood that would work for the project. After I found the one that I thought would work the best for the body I drew an outline of an owl on it. I cut it out with a jigsaw and sanded all the rough edges with my palm sander.

View owl cut out

Then using some shapes I made I traced those out onto some old paneling I had and cut those with the jigsaw. I sanded the edges smooth and laid them down to see how they looked.IMG_0476 After giving the pieces a coat of primer I painted all the edges a chocolate brown since that was the only part you would see.

IMG_0524 Next I gathered up a bunch of scrapbook papers that coordinated well with Isaac’s bedding and started a Mod Podge party. I used a sanding block on the edges and then I used some watered down stain to give it some aging.


IMG_0526For the owl face I ripped up some scrapbook paper, stained the papers edge and slathered them with some Mod Podge and glued them in place. IMG_0580 Then I freehand cut a scalloped edge for the owl’s belly and layered them one on top of the other gluing them down with Mod Podge.

IMG_0530IMG_0527 For the owl’s eyes I cut out two different sized circles and glued one on top of the other. I used Shimmer Mod Podge for the eyes to give it more sparkle. Then I used Glow in the Dark Mod Podge for the nose. DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE THAT MANY MOD PODGE FLAVORS?!?! Rock my world Miss Mod Podge Rocks! Later I added googlie eyes because he didn’t look complete.IMG_0535 After I had all the pieces in place I sealed the whole thing with some Matte Mod Podge and used a feather stroke with my foam brush to give it a little texture.


Then using some strawish wrapped wire I got at Michael’s a while ago I made some owl talons. After later research I realized owls have four toes…but roll with it people…it is a kid’s room. I may change it later if it drives me crazy.

View feet

Using an electric drill I made two holes in the bottom and using Gorilla Glue stuck the wire in place and let it dry for an hour.IMG_0538 I touched up the sides of all the pieces with my paint and then used my Gorilla Wood Glue to glue the wings, eyes, and nose in place.IMG_0529I added saw tooth hangers on the back and we were in business.

All the supplies I had on hand except for the scrapbook paper. They were on sale 5 for $1 at Joann’s last week so the whole project cost me around $2. That is art the Infarrantly Creative way.IMG_0581

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  1. What a cute owl! My daughter is after me for an owl pillow. Yours is great! Jackie

  2. So cute!! Can't wait to see what we can create for Kate's room…my mind is racing with all things nature that we can make!! Oh and I see a comment about owl pillows…my mind is literally racing now! I am sure Isaac will love his new owl!

  3. So stinkin' cute! How have I never used Modge Podge? I love this! Stopping by fron DIY day!

  4. You totally left us hanging — show us the owl up in the room… oh wait… are you free-hand painting a friggin' tree on Isaac's bedroom wall to perch that bird? with scrapbook modge-podge leaves and a glow-in-the-dark modge-podged wooden hand-cut full-moon to boot… you are aren't you… that's what your next post is gonna be… I'm envisioning it all…

    Smile… you are awesome…

  5. Come on…seriously? Once again, you've gone and done another fabulous project. I am soooo not worthy!

    I am in LOVE with that owl. PRECIOUS.

  6. He looks great. I love the look of the different patterns and colos of the papers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oehoe! (that is my cheering you on and the name of the biggest owl where I live). Your boy is one lucky camper with such a great addition to his room.

  8. Oh, I love anything owly…being a Wise Old Owl myself!!! He's adorable!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. I'm lovin' the owl craze but can't figure a good place to put any in my house. So, WHO knows…maybe you've inspired me…? *Smile*

  10. That is sooooo cute! Way to go! Might have to use that idea for my sons room – – but not an owl (he would say he is too old for that) maybe a frog (somehow he isn't too old for that 🙂 ) Thanks for another fantastic inspiration!!!

  11. Ok…. I have to do something like this! I LOVE owls and my son's nursery is decorated with them!! You are so clever!

  12. My little 6 year old son is sitting with me right now looking at the pictures of your owl. He says, "Wow, Can we make one too, Mom?" I like it a lot. W'll have to see what we can come up with.

  13. Hi,
    I just commented a bit ago about your owl. I love it!
    You commented back on my quilt blog and were asking if I just make them for me or if I send them out. I'm thinking I should really make some for my own kids and myself but so far I haven't. I've been selling them slowly, here and there.
    We are renting a house so we cannot just paint and decorate as we see fit. We are hoping to buy soon and then I'll be inspired to create to my hearts content for us. It will be so fun!
    here is my other blog link. It is mostly just about everyday life.

  14. Awwww its sooo cute! I just love owls (and not just recently since they "popular" lol, always have because of my mom, she was an avid birdwatcher and loved them!) I have a small owl statue on a shelf in our entry & you see it real well when you come down our stairway – little Jimmy loves it and always makes a fuss about it when we come down. He would love your adorable creation!

  15. my initial thought was "That is so stinkin' cute!" but now I see someone else beat me it. LOL

  16. This is so stinkin' adorable! I love that you used the different patterns for his belly and the print for his wings. He is going to be such a cute addition to Isaac's room!

  17. He turned out SO CUTE! I love the legs! Thanks so much for sharing the details, I'll be linking to this.

  18. Hi, I flew over from Mod Podge Rocks and must say i loved your tutorial. Easy to follow and the Owl is ADORABLE.

  19. That is so cute–good job
    I got your e-mail and will respond–just got swamped yesterday.


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