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A couple of years ago I made some bows  for Kayla out of the t-shirt yarn.  They are super easy to make and obviously you can make any color in the rainbow simply by converting an old tee shirt into yarn.  This would be fun to make for Memorial Day or the 4th of July.  Change up the colors to support your home team or your high school sports team.

make hair bows out of old t-shirts


T-shirt yarn


Hair Elastics

I made two kinds of hair bows.  One looks kind of like fireworks.  The other one is a bit longer and lays flat and looks super cute around a bun.

red white blue hairbows

Let’s start with the one I did around a bun.

tshirt hair bow

Start with a 5†piece of t-shirt yarn.  Fold it in half.  Then wrap it around your elastic tucking the two ends through the loop and pulling it taut.  Do that with each color filling up the band as you go.

how to make bows out of old t-shirts

t-shirt hair bow

In order to make the bun large and full I used a bun shaper.  I found mine at Charming Charlies for $5 but then I bought more on Amazon for super cheap – you can get three different sized Hair Bun Shapers for $2.43 with free shipping.  bun-shapers

To make the firework hair bow I cut my t-shirt strings to 4.5â€.  Then you just tie it in a knot alternating colors.

tee shirt hair bows

firework hair bows

These are so simple to make and again you can make them to match any outfit just by finding t-shirts to match.  Goodwill or your local thrift store is a great place to find some.

Want some more upcycled t-shirt ideas?

upcycled tshirt projects
Left to Right: Ransom Note Sweatshirt, Painted Striped Shirt, Patriotic T-shirt Dress, Upcycled Stamped Dress, Stamped Valentine’s Day Scarf, Patchy Skirt.

This was first posted July of 2014

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