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Bookshop Talk is a positive review only site where anyone is welcome to submit a review of a book they love, no matter how long ago they read it. The mission of the site is to not only talk up newly released great books, but to reintroduce little known and all-but-forgotten literary gems, and to also remind the world why classics have been on the shelves for hundreds of years, their stories still applicable and timeless.

Bookshop Talk also interviews authors, has giveaways, and hosts public discussions on literary topics (including a chance to tell the world about your fictional crushes — Mr. Darcy is currently in the lead).

Bookshop Talk is hosting a special GIVEAWAY, only for guests who discovered their site through Infarrantly Creative! You each have a chance to win your choice of the many books that have been reviewed on Bookshop Talk. One book will be given away for every 25 entries, with a minimum of two books! Winners outside of the Continental US will be sent a $15 Amazon gift card.

To enter the giveaway, you must:

1) Head over to and check out their book reviews.

2) Become a public follower of the site, using the Google follow feature, Facebook, or Twitter (these social media links can all be found on the right sidebar of Bookshop Talk).

3) Leave a comment on the review of the book that you want to WIN! Your comment must include the phrase "Infarrantly Creative sent me, and I’m following you on (Google/Facebook/Twitter, whichever follow feature you chose).

You will then be entered into the drawing. You can enter once, any time before March 28th, when the winners will be announced over at Bookshop Talk. Good luck!


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