Ways To Incorporate Color In Your House

Are you tired of staring at plain white or eggshell walls in your home?  Sometimes the plain and boring walls in our home can make us long for just the slightest bit of color. Are you ready for a change? Here are five ways to incorporate color into your home.

Ways To Incorporate Color In Your House

The Rooms Purpose


Leslie from Lovely Life Color tells us to think about the rooms purpose. Do you want a calm and cozy feel, or an energetic vibe, or maybe an air of sophistication.

Focal Wall

Focal Wall

HGTV suggests choosing a wall in your home and making it a focal point by adding art and/or color.

Incorporate Hues


Hannah Hickok from Style Caster shows that if you are in a position where you cannot paint the walls there is still a way to incorporate color. By using a washed-out palette it allows you to incorporate lots of different hues—blush, salmon, gray, and blue—and still have the look be soothing, not loud.

Warmth and Energy

Warm Orange

Rebecca Williamson shares that “It’s impossible to feel sad when you’re surrounded by orange. Warm and inviting, orange looks particularly fabulous when paired with other autumnal hues, such as mahogany and brilliant yellow.”

Animal Prints

Animal Print Bathroom

Check out that beautiful zebra rug! Jessica Gordon Ryan suggesting incorporating animal print into your home. I would have to agree with Jessica on this one!

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