5 Ways to Use Free Printables to Get Organized in 2015

January, the first month of a brand new year, is just naturally the perfect time to make changes and start new habits.  Something about hanging a new calendar on the wall always inspires me to try to get a bit more organized.  Over the years, I’ve learned to pace myself when it comes to reorganizing.  You might have noticed that so far, this January, my focus has been on containing the chaos of that’s part of a busy family exiting and entering the house.  (Check out the mail organizer and the backpack wall I’ve added to our mudroom.)  What about the things that require more than hooks and caddies to keep track of?  If you are motivated to organize your schedule, meals, budget, or even your blog in 2015, then keep on reading!  Today I’m sharing some fantastic free printables that will help you do just that.


1. Keep Track of Your Life


This printable planner set designed by The Handmade Home has everything you need to stay organized this year.  Besides monthly and weekly calendar pages with super hip designs, you can print out additional pages for menu planning, cleaning schedules, and even home schooling!  Tons of good stuff.

2. Keep Track of Your Money


Track your expenses and move toward financial goals using this budget binder from Just a Girl and Her Blog.  “Budgeting is not complicated, and my nifty little binder will make it even easier,” Abby says.  She certainly makes budgeting look good with colorful graphics, too!

3.  Keep Track of What’s For Dinner


This simple menu planner has been a life-saver for me.  I inserted a printable menu sheet behind the glass in a picture frame, and write on the glass with a dry-erase marker.  With magnets on the back, it hangs right on my refrigerator so I always know what’s for dinner.  My post about this planner includes links to six different printables you can use for this project!

4.  Keep Track of Your Healthy Resolutions


If one of your resolutions is to make healthier food choices and get more exercise, then you’ve got to check out this cute menu + exercise planner at Back to Her Roots.  It’s simple, user-friendly, and perfect for sticking on the front of your fridge where you can’t miss it!

5.  Keep Track of Your Blog


 This one is especially for my blogging friends.  Traditional planners didn’t work for me because I’m a blogger: a big part of my life includes planning and action items for my blogs.  When I couldn’t find a planner that worked for my lifestyle, I created my own.  I’m happy to share it with you here.

Looking for even more ways to get organized?  Check out this post for more free, printable files you can use to organize your home and family.