Beverage Station on a Budget

Summer is here, and maybe that means you’ll be taking the opportunity to host a few outdoor parties. You can create an Outdoor Beverage Station out of nearly anything, as you’ll see in a minute, with the beverage station ideas I’ll share with you. And on a Budget!

Whether al fresco dining for you is on a suburban deck, lake house dock, small-town front porch, or a high-rise balcony in the city, you’ll want your guests to be refreshed.  

5 Ways to Create an Outdoor Beverage Station

A clever way to provide everything they need for liquid refreshment in one spot is a beverage station. This can be as simple as a spot to keep all the soda cans chilled or as elaborate as a mini-bar where they can create their own mixed drinks.  

Either way, it’s a fun way to make sure your guests have easy access when they need to quench their thirst. I’ve been seeing a lot of great ideas for building drink stations lately, so I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.  

12 DIY Beverage Station Ideas to Try

1.  Old door into a DIY Beverage Center

Christy and her husband from Our Southern Home work together to create this amazing DIY Beverage Center from an old door!

They paid around $5 for the old door over a year ago at a thrift store. Now it is a beverage station for their lovely porch!

I am in love with that color! Check out their step-by-step How-To.

DIY Beverage Center from an old door

2.  Beverage Station in a Bucket

Or several buckets, that is. This creative beverage station from Lil’ Luna is a terrific idea for a backyard bash.  


Made from galvanized buckets and plumbing supplies, it’s sturdy enough to stand on it’s own in the grass.

3. Free Pallet to Outdoor Beverage Station

Tamela from Designs By Tamela stumbled across a free pallet sitting outside of her local FedEx store.

She was inspired to re-create Pottery Barn’s Abbott Island and Hutch Set that retails for around $2248.00!

And she did for literally pennies! Check her amazing work here.


4.  Old Table into Portable Drink Station

Michelle from Michelle J Designs had an old table top lying around in her garage. She was determined to use it. This is how she transformed it into a portable drink station!

She bought the table for $5 at a thrift store just for the legs. Check out her full detailed tutorial here.

Old Table into Portable Drink Station

5. From an Old Kitchen Scratches into a Drink Stand

Macy at Just Posted Blog made this amazing Drink Stand out of their old kitchen that the new owners of their house didn’t want to keep!

What a dream having this fabulous Beverage Station in your backyard to celebrate the 4th of July in such style! I am envious!

Fourth of July Event Drink Station

With a little creativity, you can turn just about any piece of furniture into a beverage station. It’s a great way to give new life to a rescued piece of furniture.

Are these beverage stations making you thirsty?

They are definitely making me re-evaluate my stash of rescued furniture.

I wonder if I have something that would work……What about you? Is an outdoor drink station on your list of future projects?

Check out my Roadkill Rescue projects in here.

And you don’t want to miss this Upcycled Hutch and Desk into a Beverage Station/Potting Bench.


6. DIY Wine Barrel Beverage Station

Transforming a wine barrel into a beverage station adds a rustic and charming touch to your outdoor gatherings. The natural wood grain and curved shape of the barrel even create a visually appealing centerpiece for your outdoor entertaining area.

To repurpose a wine barrel, hollow it out and add shelves or compartments for holding drinks, glassware, and other bar supplies or essentials.

7. Repurposed Bookshelf Drink Station

Give an old bookshelf a new purpose as a versatile beverage station cabinet. With its multiple shelves, a repurposed bookshelf offers ample space to organize different types of beverages, glassware, and bar supplies or accessories.

Arrange the shelves creatively, incorporating decorative elements and personal touches to create an attractive and functional beverage display.

8. Upcycled Wooden Crate Beverage Display

Wooden crates provide a cost-effective solution for building a stylish beverage display. Stack and arrange the crates in various configurations to create a visually interesting structure.

Utilize the crate compartments to hold drinks, ice buckets, napkins, and other supplies. The rustic charm of the wooden crates also adds a touch of vintage appeal to your outdoor beverage station.

9. Vintage Suitcase Bar Cart

Transform a vintage suitcase into a portable and stylish bar cart. The unique design and retro aesthetic of the vintage suitcase will also make it a conversation piece at any outdoor gathering.

Simply add wheels to the bottom for easy mobility and install shelves or compartments inside the suitcase to store bottles, glassware, and bar tools.

The fold-out table feature provides a convenient space for serving your signature drinks or any commercially available cool drink, such as club soda, colorful juice, and wine.

10. DIY PVC Pipe Beverage Cooler

Constructing a beverage cooler using PVC pipes is an affordable and practical option. The PVC pipes provide excellent insulation, keeping your drinks cold for extended periods, while the lightweight nature of the cooler makes it easy to transport.

To make one, assemble the PVC pipes into a rectangular or square shape, creating compartments for holding ice and beverages. You can customize the size and dimensions of the cooler according to your needs.

11. Outdoor Beverage Station With Mason Jars

Mason jars are a versatile and charming addition to an outdoor beverage station.

Use mason jars as drink dispensers by adding spigots to the lids, allowing guests to serve themselves. Then, arrange mason jars of various sizes to hold straws, garnishes, or utensils.

You can even decorate the jars with ribbons or labels to add a personal touch. Either way, the vintage-inspired aesthetic of the mason jars adds a nostalgic flair to your outdoor setting.

12. Recycled Tire Drink Cooler

Repurpose an old tire into a unique drink cooler for your outdoor parties. The durability and insulation properties of the tire make it an ideal choice for keeping your beverages chilled throughout the event.

Clean the tire thoroughly and add a plastic liner inside to prevent leakage. Then, fill the tire with ice cubes and place your drinks inside, using the tire’s sidewalls as a natural insulation barrier.

Having an Outdoor DIY Beverage Station

Creating an outdoor beverage station on a budget opens up a world of possibilities for refreshing and stylish entertainment. By repurposing various items, you can craft a unique and functional drink-serving area that suits your personal style and budget.

These DIY beverage station ideas breathe new life into discarded or forgotten items and add charm and conversation starters to your outdoor gatherings.

So, let your creativity flow, reimagine the potential of everyday objects, and enjoy the satisfaction of hosting memorable events with your own budget-friendly outdoor beverage station. Cheers to a summer filled with refreshing drinks and delightful moments!

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