5 Ways Build Backyard Chicken Coop

Raise your hand if you know someone who has chickens.  I bet a lot of you are raising your hands.  The lack of a farmyard or acres of property aren’t keeping people from trying their hands at raising livestock–at least the smaller varieties, like chickens.  Urban farming and backyard chickens are growing in popularity.  I bet you know (or know of) at least one person who has their own flock.  This spring, pictures of fluff, yellow chicks have been hatching on Instagram and blogs, as friends show off the newest residents of their coops.  (Like the cuties below at Whatever.)


This isn’t an announcement–I don’t have any plans to add chickens to our family!  But I have to admit….I do get excited about–wait for it–chicken coops.  Laugh if you want, but to this DIY-loving heart, I love the idea of designing and building a miniature house.  Even if it’s for chickens!  So today, in honor of spring and all my brave friends who made omelets this morning from fresh eggs laid by their very own chickens, I’m sharing 5 Ways to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop.


 1. Pottery Barn Inspired


You know I love a good knockoff!  Pottery Barn is not selling coops these days, but if they were…..their coops would look just like this.  A classic black finish and details like the mod handles and gold lanterns make this coop from The Art of Doing Stuff an aesthetically pleasing addition to the backyard.

2. 5-Star Chicken Accomodations


The awesome back story on this “boutique chicken hotel” at The Fancy Farm Girl is that it was designed by a 12 year old girl.  Her parents were so impressed with her detailed plans that they dropped everything and went to the hardware store for the materials so they could make her dream coop a reality.  I love the way this coop is filled with vintage and repurposed items.

3. Miniature Barn Coop


This pretty coop reminds me of an Amish barn.  Lots of thoughtful design details went into making this coop something that would look good and function really well for the backyard farmers.  See the building process and get a link to the plans at Under the Sycamore.

4.  Furniture Makeover Hen House


I’m all about reusing and repurposing, so you must have guessed I’d fall in love with this little coop featured at Childhood 101.  It’s a dresser that was converted by Small Potatoes into a home for their small flock.  Note the glass knobs and pretty turquoise finish–this is my kind of hen house!

5. A Coop with Personality


It’s pretty obvious that the hens in this backyard are a big deal.  Lots of thought went into the design of this coop, and it’s full of fun touches like the antlers and the rustic sign that lists the residents.  Plans and instructions are at Redeem Your Ground.

So I’m curious–just how many of my readers have chickens in their backyards?  If you have chickens, leave a comment below telling my names and the pros and cons of raising chickens.

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  1. hey becky- we currently have 6 chickens. Absolutely love raising them ( super easy) and can’t tell you the last time I had to buy eggs at the store. I wish my coop was a bit more fancier then these….but my chickens seem to be okay with their digs! 🙂

  2. We have four black and white hens in our back yard. I call them all Agnes as I haven’t figured out how to tell them apart yet. They are very friendly and will allow us to pick them up and pet them.they come running whenever I step out the back door as I’m usually bringing them treats.Very entertaining!

  3. I built a chicken tractor and stocked it with 5 pet hens I raised from chicks last year. Sadly, something killed two of my girls while they were out foraging one afternoon this week (I usually let them do this in the afternoons daily). I will miss them. Due to my happy hens laying an egg each almost every day, I have been able to keep myself and my coworkers in fresh eggs. It is so much fun to have a little backyard flock. Mine follow me around like puppies, and I would recommend it to anyone! Even city dwellers can usually keep hens. Get a pair and a tractor and enjoy!

  4. Ok, I need to see a pic of this tractor! How fun! I would love some fresh eggs. Any chance you live near Columbus? 😉

  5. Beckie! Thanks so much for including our chicken coop on your blog post…honored and humbled. And yes…our backyard chickens are a big deal…to us and our visitors. And by the way, love your blog…just subscribed. Thanks again for the shout-out. Take care, Doug

  6. My pleasure Beckie…and feel free to repost any of my blog posts. I have quite a few on our chickens…and have some reuse/pallet board creations of my own you might like. I even have an old nesting box turned into an outdoor boot storage deal using pallet wood. Anyway…thanks again and I hope you have a great rest of your week. Take care, D.

  7. hi,
    I am really interested in the coop “A coop with personality”. I would like more pictures and the plans. Please get back to me ASAP! Tanks so much

  8. Hi Lindsey, There is a link in my post that will take you to all the details at Redeem Your Ground. It’s in the paragraph right after the picture.

  9. Hey Lindsey (and Beckie)!

    Thanks for your interest. And Beckie is right, if you jump on over to the link on her post for RYGblog you’ll be brought to one of my posts on the design of our chicken coop…which is then linked to the other associated posts. But if that’s not enough…reach out to me through RYGblog and I’ll try to get you what else you may need. Oh…and by they way, I’m in the process of pulling together a downloadable piece for my chicken coop design, as well as one for some of the things I’ve learned in my first couple of years raising chickens. So check back in for that in the next few weeks.

    Take care,

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