Colorful Christmas Collage

Today I’m sharing 5 Ways to Have a Colorful Christmas.

It seems like December is just flying by, this year. There’s so much to do and enjoy! I love getting my house ready for Christmas, but I think I enjoy seeing the homes of friends and family dressed in their holiday best just as much.  

One of the things I love about blogging is that it widens my circle of friends so much…and I get to virtually visit many more homes during the Christmas season.  

This year, I’ve seen lots of homes decorated in lovely winter whites and traditional reds and greens.  

What I can’t get enough of, though, are the pictures I’m seeing of halls that are decked in less less traditional color schemes.  

They’ve inspired me to break the mold with my own decor, this year.

How to Have a Colorful Christmas

1.  Red and Blue

The combination of red and blue is one we usually think of for patriotic holidays.  

The decor at French Larkspur begs to differ, showing that this color pairing is lovely anytime.

2.  Lime and Red

Sometimes it’s easier to branch out into new decorating territory if you hold on to one traditional color, like this pairing of lime and red at Positively Splendid.  

Here, the lime is an exciting twist on the traditional darker, fir green.

3.  Candy Brights

At Centsational Girl’s house, the children’s tree is rocking a festive look.

Bright hues the color of candy replace the predictable reds and greens for Christmas, and the effect is fresh and fun.

4.  Blues

The Shabby Creek Cottage is decorated in sea and sky blues all year long, why change what works just for Christmas time?  

Blue definitely does work, and I love that Gina goes for it so enthusiastically.

I dare you to find any red in this festive room.

5.  Pinks

The decor at Making It Lovely isn’t just pink–it’s sparkly, too, and I love it!  

Nicole just gives a hint at the fun she’s having with pink this Christmas, and I can hardly wait to see the rest.

What about you?  Do you like to stick to tradition or break the mold when it comes to Christmas decor?  

Do you use the same decorations year after year, or switch things up?  I’d love to hear (and see!) more about your take on holiday decor.

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  1. Too kind my friend to see our candy tree show up here! I love this post, it’s so fun to break away from the red and green and inject something new, great inspiration here!

  2. All these photos are so gorgeous, it would be hard to choose my favourite! I decorate our living room in burgundy and gold, I love that combination. The mantle in the office is rustic birch and greenery with splashes of colour from the cardinals. And the kitchen is blue & white Christmas decor. The outbuilding (games room/workshop) is done in more traditional decor. Sounds weird, different in every room, but I like it.
    Debbie 🙂

  3. Gorgeous and awesome. I especially love the sea blue with lights, darks and metallics. I can’t stop looking at it. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.

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