5 fun outdoor games to make this weekend

If you know me, you know I love a good game and have a pretty fierce competitive streak. I also love having friends over and spending time in our backyard swimming, eating, and just having fun. So it’s no wonder I am a fan of backyard games! What’s better than feeding your competitive streak outside on a beautiful day with friends??? Today I am sharing five simple DIY backyard games you can easily make this weekend!


1. Dominoes

Make your own lawn domino set out of a 1x4!

Dominoes are a classic in the game department. ChiWei at One Dog Woof shares how to make a lawn set out of 1x4s. The steps are easy as pie – cut, stain, dot, and seal!

2. Twister

What party is complete without getting tangled up in a game of Twister? Tausha at Sassy Style shares how simple it is to transform your lawn into a giant game board with spray paint!

3. LCR

Make your own outdoor LCR game from a 4x4 and canning lids!

I’ve never played LCR, but after checking out this DIY version from Roeshel at The DIY Showoff I can’t wait to try it out! All you need to make your own is scrap 4x4s and canning lids.

4. Tetherball

Make your own tetherball game for your backyard for half the cost of buying one!

I am always a fan of a good repurpose, and Simply Kierste shares how she turned an old tire she scored for free at a junkyard into a DIY tetherball game.

5. Kerplunk

I love this DIY Kerplunk game for the backyard!

I know my family would have a blast with this DIY Kerplunk game! It just looks fun! You can make your own by building a simple wood base and then making a tube with wire netting.

So what game does my family need in our backyard this spring and summer? I’d love to hear your favorites!

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