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A couple of weeks back I told you about the Chest R Desk.  It is part storage chest and part desk.  I love multi functional pieces of furniture!  Under the seat bottom is a storage area.  The arm rest and back also converts into a desk.  It is the perfect Christmas gift for children ages 3-12.


I received mine last week and put it together in about an hour and ten minutes.  My daughter Kayla is 3 and can lower and raise the desk without assistance.  There is always a little nervousness when a small child lifts something like a desk top or toy chest but this is really well thought out and I have no worries of pinched little fingers or hands.



My daughter is big time into coloring and now she has the perfect place to store her coloring books and crayons and have a space to use them.  Plus it serves as a nice area for my son Isaac (age 6) to work on his homework.


At $59.95 I think it is a great value for what you get.  Also if you order more than one you can get 10% off your entire order.  Buy the Chest R Desk here.

Who has a child ages 3-12 in their life who could use a Chest R Desk?  Well one of your is going to win one!

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