Cottage Kitchen for Less

House of Turquoise featured recently this pretty kitchen by Ahearn Architecture. Isn’t that a lovely Cottage Kitchen look?

It’s just so classic cottage – I expect a deer to stick it’s head through that window over the sink any moment, and a few little birds to fly in and help Snow White toss the salad!


This kitchen makes use of some very classic cottage elements to convey a sense of history and vintage charm, without sacrificing efficiency or storage.  

Beefy trim, corbels, furniture styling, tongue and groove, and vintage-style plumbing and lighting fixtures bring out the cottage character.  

In fact, it’s almost hard to believe that this is a modern-day kitchen!


Well, if your style is cottage style, then I’m here to say you don’t need a pricey remodel to get the kitchen of your dreams.  

You can work with your existing cabinetry and kitchen layout to get a look like the one in my inspiration photos.  

All it takes is a little time and elbow grease.  

Here are five tutorials to get you started.

5 Ways to Get The Cottage Kitchen Look For Less


1.  Cabinet Corbels


You can add corbels for a touch of cottage charm to your existing cabinetry.  

Inspire Me Heather explains how she added them to her cabinetry and shows what a difference they made in her kitchen.

2. Soapstone Countertops


Real soapstone is very pricey….but you can definitely get the look for less with laminate counters.  

Or, if you are working on a very tight budget, Chris Loves Julia has a fantastic tutorial for making your own faux soapstone counters.

3.  Feed Sack Sink Skirt


A skirted sink is classic cottage kitchen. It’s not hard to remove cabinet doors and put up a curtain, but making that curtain from vintage grain or feed stacks just really puts the country into the kitchen.  

Don’t want to spend the time looking for vintage linens?  

Check out the faux feed sack skirt over at Cedar Hill Farmhouse.

4.  Furniture Feet


Classic cottage kitchens have the look of pieces of furniture, instead of a straight line of cabinetry.  

One of the things you can do to convey that furnished feel is by adding feet to your cabinets, like these at The Idea Room.

5.  White Cabinets


Nothing says “cottage” like creamy white cabinets!  

The Lettered Cottage shares tips and product recommendations for painting your cabinets cottage white.

Is a kitchen spruce-up in your future?  

What style is your favorite for kitchens?  

If you could do one thing to change your kitchen, what would it be?

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