5 ways to prep your kids for a successful school year

Every parent knows how exciting and stressful it can be starting your kiddos back to school. Whether your child is just starting preschool or their senior year in high school, school requires organization at home and at school to be successful.  From packing lunches to studying for that big test, a little preparation ahead of time can go a long way. Here are 5 ways to prep your kids for a successful school year!


5 Ways to Prep your kids for a successful back to school year


1. Plan A Week of School Outfits in Advance

This is probably one of the most genius ideas out there! As a mom of two, I can tell you that sometimes picking out what clothes to wear each day can be a bit of a battle but with this awesome idea from Grace & Good Eats you can reduce that stress every week by creating labels for each outfit of the day!

2. Have a Dedicated Place for Backpacks

Backpack organizer

Does anyone ever get tired of seeing backpacks lying around the house all of the time? Everyone? Okay good! Here is a clever way to save you from the stress of a mess. Check out Batmom‘s idea of a backpack station. I love the idea of the kid’s picture above each backpack and the chalk board names. If you’re still looking for more backpack station ideas, click on over to the yardstick wall that I made last year for our backpack station!

3. School Lunches

school lunches

Having a plan for school lunches can be such a great thing! Try having your kids make a list of foods that they would want in their lunch that they can choose from each day. This will help on the “not knowing what to pack for lunch” struggle we all probably have. Thirty Handmade Days has come to the rescue and gives us some ideas for school lunches and also includes a free (yay!) printable of a lunch food idea chart.

4. Create a Place for Homework

homework station

Creating a place for your child to do homework is essential during the school year! This can be at the kitchen table, a desk, or their rooms. This portable homework station by Redefined Mom is a cute and clever way for having all of the tools available when studying and doing homework.

5. Command Center

command center

Having a command center really comes in handy not only during the school year but all year round. They can help your family with your day to day schedules, grocery shopping, and chores. Check out Jenna Burger‘s family and how they make their command center work for them!

Your turn! How does your family prep for a successful school year?

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  1. I call a family meeting to talk about three things – what you want for breakfast, what you want packed for lunch, and most importantly to negotiate the bathroom schedule in the mornings (even for my husband)! I have all boys but everyone wants to sleep til the last possible second so things get crazy without a plan. We regroup at the holiday break or if things aren’t running smoothly.

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