Transform a Faucet Handle Into a Tassel

Karianne from Thistlewood Farms is back transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary -AGAIN! Here she has taken some old faucet handles and turned them into cute decorative tassels for your furniture. Think outside-the-box? Yes! Brilliant? Absolutely!

Transform a Faucet Handle Into a Tassel

Can you believe this tassel started with a faucet handle?


A faucet handle.

Isn’t life wonderful?

I wonder what their faucet life was like before……these simple unassuming faucet handles?

A life full of the monotonous day-to-day.

Full of water and cement walls and hoses and hot summer days and turning…..

…..sigh…..the endless turning.


Faucet Handle


And while those faucet handles were spinning….

…..they probably never imagined that they would go from this……


Burlap Tassel Made From a Faucet Handle

….to this.¬† ūüôā


faucet handle

cabinet knob



White Faucet Handle

Step 1: Spray paint your faucet handle

I spray painted mine white….but you could use any color.

Cut Burlap

Step 2:  Cut burlap into strips

Each strip should be approximately 1 inch wide and 14″ long.

Don’t go any larger than an inch or it won’t fit through the holes in the faucet handle.

Burlap Strips

When you’re done….your burlap strips should look something like this.

I cut approximately 25 strips of burlap.

Trim edges and any hanging strings.


White Ribbon


Step 3:  Cut strips of ribbon.

The ribbon is about 1/4″ wide.

I cut it the same length as the burlap….approximately 14 ” long.

White Faucet Handle

Step 4: Thread the ribbon through the holes in the side of the faucet handle

Fold ribbon in half.

Insert folded end through hole and insert the ends through the loop.

Pull until tight.

Tie a knot to secure.


White Faucet With Burlap


Step 4:  Next, thread the burlap through the holes in the side of the faucet handle

Fold burlap in half.

Insert folded end through hole next to the ribbon and insert the ends through the loop.

Pull until tight.

If the burlap is a little challenging (as burlap sometimes can be)….

another suggestion is to just knot the burlap to the opening on the faucet.

Continue with steps three and four until you have the fullness of tassel you want.

Mercury Glass Knob

Step 5:  Tie a piece of ribbon to the top of a cabinet knob

This is your hanger.

Tie to the top of the knob and then tie a knot in the two ends.

Then screw the cabinet knob into the opening in the very center of the faucet handle.

Fluff your tassel and hang.

Burlap Tassel Made From a Faucet Handle
Isn’t life wonderful.

Faucet handles of the world…..rejoice.

Your day in the spotlight has arrived. ūüôā

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  1. Never would have guessed there was an unassuming faucet handle under all the cuteness KariAnne . I luv it! Now I want to go get some… a girl can NEVER have too many tassels!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Karianne you come up with the greatest ideas! These are so inventive. Where do you hang out to find all of these raw materials to make over?? I need to hang out with you ūüėČ

  3. This is such a wonderful project! I can see endless possibilities here. Thank you to you and Kari Anne for sharing this. Pinning next!

  4. Very nice!!! Do the burlap strips need any treatment so that they don’t unravel??

  5. Since these are decorative and won’t be handled very much, you probably don’t need to worry about excessive unraveling. However, you could certainly use Mod Podge or something similar on the edges if you want no fraying.

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