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I had been looking for about 4 months on Craigslist, at Goodwill and a few other thrift stores for a twin bed for my daughter.  She will be three in January and it is high time she get her own real bed.  I knew I wanted something feminine and curvy.  Everything I saw just wasn’t doing it for me.  Then I went into Salvage Sisters, a local antique shop, and found this gorgeous antique waterfall twin bed for $100.  As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one.  I thought it was going to say something crazy like $395 so when I saw the price tag of $100 I was stoked.  So I have been teasing you on Facebook all week about this piece…so without further ado…Kayla’s big girl bed!

antique waterfall bed p

This is what the bed original started out looking like…


In my mind, I immediately saw it painted white with a little distressing to bring out the details.


There was definitely a few scratches, nicks and some pieces missing. But I loved it and knew I could make do with the imperfections.

waterfall twin headboard (2)

waterfall twin headboard (1)

My first step was stripping the oval frame.  It had some peeling top coat and it needed to be stripped in order to even out the finish.  I used some chemical stripper and removed the gunk.


After gluing some of the pieces back on and sanding the entire piece down I spray primered it followed by a coat of Rustoleum’s Satin Blossom White spray paint.

antique girls headboard

The next step was to distress it.  This just makes the piece come alive if you ask me.  I took 80 grit sandpaper and lightly went over the edges and the wood appliques taking off some of the paint to reveal the wood.

antique waterfall bed (23)

antique waterfall bed (20)

antique waterfall bed (21)

antique waterfall bed (13)

The oval frame was the perfect spot for something fun.  I could have done fabric, a monogram, chalkboard, mirror, etc…but what I decided to do was add a cute little silhouette of my beautiful baby girl.

My cousin Julie helped me by taking a picture of Kayla and using her Photoshop skills to make the silhouette for me.  Then I imported the Jpeg file into my Silhouette Cameo program to cut the vinyl out.IMG_6880 1


I could not have cut a piece of vinyl this big with the SD so I was so excited when the Cameo arrived and I was able to make the bigger cut.

little girl silhouette

I was so excited to upgrade her room to a toddler room.  Because I was strategic about her baby girl room going with a classic, feminine look the only thing I needed to do was add a bed, rearrange some furniture and grab the quilt that was hanging on her wall and add it to the bed. The quilt is special to our family because her Great Grandma (who she is named after – Kayla Elizabeth) made the quilt for her before she was born.

antique waterfall bed p

antique waterfall bed w

antique waterfall bed u

antique waterfall bed q

I would like to find a sham and coordinating pillow yet but I am so happy with the transition so far…

Here is Kayla her first night in her big girl bed…


and we made a little progress the second night…{giggle!}


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  1. The bed is AWESOME ! I like it better white ! It was beautiful to start with ; however , after you did your magic on it , it has become AWESOMELY beautiful !! The pictures of your baby crack me up ! My 3 year old grandson sleeps on his knees with his butt up in the air ; he sleeps straight in the bed most of the time , with his hiney up ! too funny !

  2. Awww so sweet!!! The bed turned out awesome. I am keeping my girl in her crib for as long as I can (she’s 2 yrs 3 mos so she still has a little ways). Ha. She really doesn’t even try to get out so that’s good. Those pics crack me up though of her sleeping! And I love love love the quilt. I cherish the one my Grandma made for me too.

    Great job Beckie!

  3. Love the Silhouette (of the little lady and my machine). Turned out great! Get some rails on the bed – it’ll help her a ton. It has saved my little guy from many cricked necks and potential falls.

  4. Thanks Emily. I hope it will remain special to her for years to come. Yay keep them in the crib as long as possible. The only reason I switched her was because I got the bed done and she is potty trained. If she can’t get out to go potty it doesn’t help the process ya know?

  5. Thanks AM. I adore it. It is really dainty and small too and doesn’t have a box spring with it so it is pretty low to the ground which is perfect for as little as she is.

  6. What a lucky find!! I don’t think you could’ve found a more perfect headboard shape if you tried! It mirrors Kayla’s name above it so perfectly! Great job!

  7. I love the bed and my daughter have the same side table (It was a roadkill resue 🙂 )

    My kids always end up on the floor when they were younger.

  8. Hi old friend – had to come over and see what all the fuss was about!
    I lurve the name on the wall – gorgeous!!!

    The bed too! What a sweet memory!

    Wish we lived closer – I’d put you to work! 😉

    Blessings sweet friend!
    Lana (like banana). 😉

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