Thanksgiving Weekend

Tim, Isaac and I drove up to Michigan for Thanksgiving. We spent the weekend with Tim’s family. Tim got to go to his Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers game on Thanksgiving Day. The Lions lost but they had great seats and had an awesome time.

Isaac was a little angel baby while we were there. I think it is due to all the attention he had. He was giving hugs and kisses, smiling, laughing and and being so obedient. So that made the trip so enjoyable. Here he is opening up his Christmas gift from Great Grandma and Pa.

Everytime we go there we are grateful to see Tim’s grandparents. The older they get the more aware we are that they will not be around forever. We love sitting around and listening to their stories about life. Tim’s grandpa Allan is who we named Isaac Allan after. He is a very godly, humble man who loves his family and loves his God. He serves people faithfully and has such a gentle spirit. Below is a picture of Isaac thanking Grandpa for his gift.

On Friday Tim’s parents took us to see the Polar Express in 3D at the Imax. Isaac wouldn’t keep the 3D goggles on but he did watch the whole movie. It is a pretty cute movie but even more amazing in 3D. On the way home we stopped and saw some Washington friends Ramon & Deb who moved to Michigan about a year ago. Other than Isaac falling down the stairs and eating a blue marker and getting it all over his lips we had a good time. They made us a great breakfast and it was nice to be around them again.