Thanksgiving Candy Bags Favor Printable

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  Do you travel or host?  Do you have multiple Thanksgivings because of both sides of the family?  This year we are traveling to Michigan to see my dad for Thanksgiving as well as my husband’s side of the family.  So I will be cooking at my dad’s house and eating at my grandma-in-law’s.  Wait…I will be eating at both places (of course!) but thankfully one will be on Thursday and one will be on Friday.  Two big fattening meals in two days.  Oh, joy! I have been dieting all month for these two days!


Thanksgiving Candy Bag Favor Printable


I thought I would bring some Thanksgiving favors to grandma’s house.  There are plenty of little kids around and while they may pick at the pie they will gobble down Reese’s pieces or M&M’s.


Thanksgiving printable

1†x 8†bags (I bought mine on Ebay -just search “1†x 8†bagsâ€)

Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s

Glue Dots or double-sided adhesive


scissors or a Fiskars Scalloped Punch

1.  Print out the Thanksgiving printable bag topper on white cardstock.  I printed it wirelessly to my Canon PIXMA printer.  If you don’t have a wireless printer, let me tell you – it is the nuts!

canon pixma mg7120

2.  Using a hole punch (I used a scalloped punch) or scissors cut out the circles.

scallop punch

3.  Fill up the skinny bags with the candy.  You can fit about 28-30 candies in there.  Seal the bag.

1 x 8 bags

4.  Using a glue dot or double-sided adhesive adhere the printed and cut circle to the bag.

glue dot

thanksgiving bag topper

5.  Find something cute to display them in to give to your Thanksgiving guests. (font for pail: Cinnamon Cake)

happy thanksgiving pail

You could also use these to top cupcakes or to seal a hostess gift.

thanksgiving printable cupcake topper


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