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As a Christ follower, Christmas is a time for me to celebrate the birth of Jesus.   Often with the chaos of the holiday, my focus on Christ gets lost in the presents and decorations.   I thought this year what better way to help me celebrate my Savior than to create a “12 days of CHRISTmas journal†that I can use to take time out of my day to focus on my Savior. I had Louisa from Flipawoo Designs help me to create a printable for this purpose.   Each of the 12 days before Christmas I have selected a passage of Scripture or a video applicable to the birth of Christ to help focus on the real reason for this season.   On each of the 12 pages, there is a spot for journaling and a written prayer all in a cute little keepsake accordion journal.

Christmas Printable Journal "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him"



3 pieces of colored 12†x 12†cardstock (I used black)

2†hole punch

3†hole punch

paper cutter with scoring blade

Aleene’s Tacky Dot Runner

Come Let us Adore Him printables

velcro tab


oh come let us adore him

1.   Score 2 of the 12†sheets of paper at 3†6†and 9â€.

come let us adore him (4)

2.   Then cut the paper at 6†(you will have four 6†pieces total).   Then accordion fold them back and forth.   come let us adore him (6)

come let us adore him (13)

3.   Using your Aleene’s Tacky Runner attach the 4 accordion folded cardstock pieces together overlapping the ends.

come let us adore him (14)

4.   Next cut a 6†x 12†piece of coordinating cardstock out.   Score it at 3†and 3 1/2â€.   Then measure from the 3 1/2†score and score again at 3†and 3 1/2â€.   Then score the last little bit in half.   Here is a picture to illustrate that.

scoring line

5.   Fold the right side over and glue in place. Fold the rest of the lines inward.

come let us adore him (17)

6.   Next, attach the accordion onto the front flap and middle piece using Aleene’s Tacky Dot Runner. Then you will be able to fold it all up and the accordion pages will be hidden inside.

come let us adore him (21)

7.   Cut out all of the printable pages using the marks on the page as a guide.   Adhere them in place with Aleene’s Tacky Dot Runner.   There will be 12 pages.

come let us adore him (30)

8.   Using Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner adhere “Come Let us Adore Him†onto a red piece of cardstock and then onto the back of your journal.


9.   Using a 2†hole punch cut out the “12 days of CHRISTmas†and then cut out 3†circle out of coordinating red cardstock, glue the smaller circle on of top.   Adhere half the circle onto the front cover so it overlaps the flap.   On the inside of the flap use velcro as a closure.

come let us adore him (32)

come let us adore him (36)


Thank you to I Love to Create for providing the Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner for this project.

Aleene’s products are available at Michael’s stores or online at I Love to Create and Amazon

This post does contain affiliate links where if you purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thank you!

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  1. I love this idea, Beckie, and I have made one for me and the 3 other women in my small group. I just had a bit of a problem in that there were only 11 days worth of printables included in the download. Is there a 12th day that I keep missing? Help!

  2. I also could not find day 12 in the download. I clicked on every hyperlink in the article. There was only one in the download section.
    I wish to make these for my Ladies’ Tea Group for next year but I have spare time now.
    Terrific idea!

  3. What a great idea. Since I celebrate the 12 days . . . . Here is a bit of history of the 12 days. The Twelve Days of Christmas are the festive days beginning Christmas Day (25 December). This period is also known as Christmastide and Twelvetide. The Twelfth Night of Christmas is always on the evening of 5 January,

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