ck909 S36 250x250

IMG_1348I received my canvas from the Canvas People.  Have you taken advantage of the offer yet?  You can get a free 8” x 10” and pay  only shipping ($14.95). I upgraded… mine to an 11” x 14” and I wish I had gone one size bigger.

\ a href="$IMG_13483-0.jpg">IMG_1348 I hot glued some red velvet chipboard letters on it to spell, “smile.” This is literally the only picture we have of my son smiling.  He is going through that phase where he would rather make a funny face for the camera.IMG_1349 The offer is still available.  It is a great gift for Christmas, especially of your smiling children!IMG_1353

Click on the Canvas People to get started.

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  1. That is a fabulous deal, but the shipping is $17.95 for us Coloradoan's, which is pretty lame!!

  2. That's awesome! I have to get one. Do you know if you can order more than 1 for that deal? I would love to get 1 for each kid.

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