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Before & After: Your Favorite Room

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When you love your house it is hard to pick a favorite room.  I mean, I love being in my studio creating.  I love my master bathroom because it is calming to me as I relax and take a bubble bath at night.  I love my bedroom because it is a place and love and intimacy. But if I had to pick my favorite decorated room it would have to be Kayla’s room.

This was the first time I had ever truly remodeled every square inch of a room from the top down.

The room started with walls that needed to be painted.  All the walls were a pale lavender color except one wall that was a bright purple. No I did not choose this color combo.  The pictures below are the only pictures I have that you can see the before color of the room.

I painted the entire room in Gobi Desert by Behr in an eggshell finish.  Then I worked my butt off painting horizontal stripes and Kayla’s name on the wall.  I literally was aiming for perfection and touched it up with a brush that had like one hair on it to get it just right. 

I painted the crib…1

decided to paint the ceilings and then add crown molding…


reupholstered a glider in a pink and brown damask…

2 and made new basket liners.6 I was convinced my baby would be born with a full head of hair so I  made a bow holder…

and grabbed a yard sale gold gilded mirror and transformed that.4

I made over a Craigslist $10 chandie…

5 a small light for the end table…7 and spray painted a new end table…

8 and refashioned a hutch into a PB Inspired book shelf.9

I also restored a vintage rocker that my husband’s mom used to rock in when she was a little girl.


And here she is today… IMG_1328IMG_1324IMG_1325IMG_1326IMG_1332IMG_1327IMG_1331 I can’t believe that was two years ago when I began transforming this room. time flies.  We will soon be transitioning into a big girl room.  The decor is so classic that I will just need to make a few tweaks and I will get to enjoy the decor for many more years.

What do you think?

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  1. Your nursery is absolutely beautiful!!! I love how you painted the stipe and added your daughters name. The colors are perfect and I'm so impressed with how you were able to make over so many items for the room. You are one talented lady. 🙂

  2. WOW! It's beautiful, gorgeous, clean and simple. I love it. To be so talented in re-mixing and decorating.

  3. Holy cow! All that hard work. Just beautiful. 🙂 I love the little touches (which I'm sure weren't so "little" when you worked on them!) like the chandie and the bedside table lamp.

  4. I love it, especially your smart color choices. You can so much with those colors. Her name and the stripes are also impressive!

  5. SO CUTE!! Your post makes me want to finish getting pictures together of my baby girl's nursery. 😉

  6. The room is very beautiful — you did a great job transforming it. It is amazing how fast the time goes, isn't it? I'm sure you will transform the space into a big girl room just a beautifully as you transformed it the first time!

  7. I love the stripe running at the top of the wall. So pretty!!! She has a beautiful room. 🙂

  8. Wow. I love it!
    Painting a crib always seemed like a HUGE task to me!

    What a sweet and precious room!

  9. LOVE your nursery!! I love nursery inspirations. I will be posting mine soon too!! Come check it out–I also tried to keep it a timeless classic look 🙂

  10. umm.. if I change my name to Kayla.. may please have that room?! haha omg but serious.. that room is AMAZING!!! I love everything every little detail. What a lucky and special little girl! 🙂 So inspiring.. thanks for sharing your wonderful bed room make over. Definitely classic and classy designing that she will love for many years!

  11. such a beautiful nursery! I love it! And I have a question, if you don't mind….I am wanting to paint my daughter's crib to use for my son (we are transitioning her to a toddler bed) but I've been hesitant to paint it because I've worried about it being safe for a new baby. I've just been planning on spray painting it, but do I need to do a poly coat over it? Any advice would be great, if you have a second, if not, I totally understand. thanks!

  12. I so love this room. I can't believe it's been 2 years either! Didn't you just have her?

  13. Gorgeous. You inspire me. I need to re-do my playroom. It's clean and simple and just beautiful. Great job!

  14. Everything is so cute and girly. Love the new upholstery of the glider and the chandelier is adorable. Her name is adorable…(maybe I'm bias cause it's close to mine!) (:

  15. What a precious girl room–you did a great job. Did you paint the trim on your diaper champ too? I've never seen a pink and white one. So creative!

  16. adorable!

    But is your crib, a drop-side crib? Just make sure it's not been recalled; almost every brand in this style has been recalled.

  17. Your before is already beautiful and the after is just amazing… You are so talented….

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