Selfish.jpg Selfish image by Amadeo78I have a confession to make.   I am selfish. Dirty, rotten, black-hearted selfish I am.





Lately I have been feeling really bad about that fact especially when it comes to my blog.  Many of you have found me because other people have linked to me, told you about me, or you found my project featured somewhere.  In fact, according to my stats, 56.87% of you came to IC this month from somewhere else!

And how often do I return the love and feature people?  Likeneverever, unless I am going on vacation and need guest posts.  Selfish…I know.  I had a conversation with a bloggy buddy this week (Hi Becca!) and she challenged me on this.  Ouch!  It was an ouch in a good way…like-getting-a-massage-after-you-have-exercised-and-are-sore-kind of-ouch.  And I realized…she is right!

So I made a decision.  I am going to try and start sharing the love.  I realize you have come to IC for creative inspiration or just to gawk at the random things I find on the side of the road…either/or :-). But, there are a ton of other talented women out there and I want to share a few.

So IC is starting to take tutorial submissions.  I will admit I am pretty picky and have high standards.  But if you have a project that you have yet to feature in blogland and think my readers would love it please send the html code to

I am hoping to spotlight 1-2 creative people a week.  Here’s the information…

1.  Pretty pictures and a detailed and descriptive tutorial are a must.

2.  It must be a tutorial that has never been featured on another blog before.

3.  If it is a new tutorial you must wait a week before posting it on your own blog.

Understand I can’t post everyone and I will choose the bestest of the best. If your tute is chosen I will let you know via email when it will be posting.

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  1. I think that its nice that your going to feature someone, but I wouldn't say your selfish because you haven't.

    I don't have anything new unfortunately for you to feature.

    Oh well.

  2. I actually appreciate it. However, I am not in your world. I like to read a few craft/inspiring blogs – I have taken my time and selected the ones I really like and really inspire me for a daily read. Blogs that just show me what everone else is doing bother me. I like YOU (or the persons blog I am reading) and if I am taking time out of my day to read your blog (i have 3 children under 3), then I want to know I will like it.

    I am not saying you shouldn't feature other people or knocking your new idea – I just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog the way it is – because it is about you and that is why i like it.

  3. I understand what Jamie & Carie are saying. I too, get tired of seeing endless "knock-offs" of other DIY-er's stuff and tend to gravitate towards the more original blogs. However, I think there are a lot of talented/crafty people out there that haven't been "discovered" yet. I think it's great that you are willing to give them the opportunity to show their stuff. And even better that you will be picky. It makes the rest of us try harder.

  4. Wow, I never thought about featuring other bloggers. I guess I just didn't understood why people did? I like you, thought they were on vacation. I read blogs because I like THEM. When I go to a blog and they have a guest, I usually just flip on by! Wow, I have so much to learn about blogging!


  5. I have to admit I agree with Jamie too. There are so many blogs out there that feature other's works to the extent that we see the same items over and over and over again. I appreciate your blog the way it is.

  6. I just wanted to say that you are far from selfish my dear! And featuring something that is new and original to help other bloggers out is a very kind and generous thing to do.

  7. I have a school supply cake that I didn't so much as have a tutorial on but photos. Great for a mid year gift to a teacher at school. Let me know if it puts a bug in your ear.

  8. I love your blog just the way it is. I can understand the rationale behind sharing the love but if people are posting your stuff so they can get something back, that isn't exactly unselfish, is it?? I think your blog has a very distinct style and you should continue it in whatever way you want.

  9. Can I suggest a few things without being rude. I don't like coming to your site and having to click past a home depot ad to get to you. I also liked your site better with the entire post showing instead of clicking and waiting for another page to load to see it all. Also, for some reason, your blog takes for ever to load on my computer. Not sure why, I look at a lot of blogs everyday, and yous is always slow. Anyway, just a few suggestions.

  10. I agree with Anonymous…what happened with the ads and the now needing to click to see the whole post? I'm a multi-tasking mama and that is too much clicking for me! 😉

    And, by the way, you're not selfish–your blog is gorgeous as is. However you've done fabulously with your vision thus far, so I'm sure it will continue to be fab as you take this next step in your blog development.

    ~ Sarah (frillsfluffandtrucks)

  11. I think I agree with the other comments. I like to see your ideas. I don't mind a guest blogger every now and then, like when you are on vacation, but I don't know if I would like it much more than that. It's YOUR blog; you shouldn't feel selfish for showing your ideas. I'm pretty sure that's what we are all here for!

  12. I agree with the others. I say posting a guest blogger 2-3 a month is plenty. I come to see you. 🙂

  13. Beckie, I know any guest bloggers you feature will be amazing just like you are! Sometimes it takes people a little time to adjust to changes, no matter how minor!

    I think you're doing a great job. Thanks for all the FREE inspiration you provide day after day!! You are awesome!

    Happily signed by,

  14. I must agree with Jamie too. I work full time and have kids and a husband and volunteer for tons of charities. I love to craft and create but rarely have time to do it. I can't think outside of the box most of the time so I guilty of copying others work for inspiration. For that reason, I would never be able to get featured on your blog and I'm okay with that! But I hope you won't change your blog to be like everyone else's out there. You know…the big time, huge reader ones that rarely post their own stuff and only highlight others stuff. I read some of them but they aren't my favorites. My favorites are the ones who do their own thing and such. I like your blog just the way it is. It's one of my favorites because of the way it is. 🙂 That's my 2 cents! – Karen

  15. Of all the adjectives I could think of off the top of my head, I don't think "selfish" would've come up until at least #278 or so. Although I do ABHOR having to click to see the whole post. >:p
    That being said, how can I e-mail you my HTML without having posted it somewhere? I have a TON of crafts with photos and all that I haven't posted on my blog yet…

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