Sharing the Love

Selfish.jpg Selfish image by Amadeo78I have a confession to make.   I am selfish. Dirty, rotten, black-hearted selfish I am.





Lately I have been feeling really bad about that fact especially when it comes to my blog.  Many of you have found me because other people have linked to me, told you about me, or you found my project featured somewhere.  In fact, according to my stats, 56.87% of you came to IC this month from somewhere else!

And how often do I return the love and feature people?  Likeneverever, unless I am going on vacation and need guest posts.  Selfish…I know.  I had a conversation with a bloggy buddy this week (Hi Becca!) and she challenged me on this.  Ouch!  It was an ouch in a good way…like-getting-a-massage-after-you-have-exercised-and-are-sore-kind of-ouch.  And I realized…she is right!

So I made a decision.  I am going to try and start sharing the love.  I realize you have come to IC for creative inspiration or just to gawk at the random things I find on the side of the road…either/or :-). But, there are a ton of other talented women out there and I want to share a few.

So IC is starting to take tutorial submissions.  I will admit I am pretty picky and have high standards.  But if you have a project that you have yet to feature in blogland and think my readers would love it please send the html code to

I am hoping to spotlight 1-2 creative people a week.  Here’s the information…

1.  Pretty pictures and a detailed and descriptive tutorial are a must.

2.  It must be a tutorial that has never been featured on another blog before.

3.  If it is a new tutorial you must wait a week before posting it on your own blog.

Understand I can’t post everyone and I will choose the bestest of the best. If your tute is chosen I will let you know via email when it will be posting.