Chalkboard Front Door Sign

IMG_1440I had to replace the Personalized Halloween Sign on my front door with something appropriate for the month of November.  I usually have a fall wreath but I have been leaning towards untraditional door decor lately…





I love the personalized nature of the Halloween sign so I thought I would make a thankful chalkboard. I am sure it isn’t anything new and has been done a million times before.  But what a fun way to great guests and the UPS man!IMG_1440I had an old frame from when I went to Sarah’s house for a home decor exchange party she had in the spring.  I removed the picture and the glass.IMG_1427 I loved the details on the frame and knew some glaze would make it pop!IMG_1428 I primed and then sprayed it with some Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray Paint.IMG_1429 The color was wonderful but the intricate pattern on the frame melted away.  I mixed some black paint with some Ralph Lauren Glaze and with a stiff brush I painted the frame and wiped the excess away.IMG_1430 I feared using the glass from the frame might be a disaster with all the opening and closing of a front door so I cut out a piece of 1/4” luan (I had in my garage) to size with my jigsaw.  It is a rough cut but I knew I had some wiggle room so it didn’t matter.IMG_1431 Then I primed it and used Plaid’s Chalkboard Paint on it. I placed the wood in the frame and then angled my handheld staple gun in such a way to shoot the staple in the wood but not all the way in.  That way it held the chalkboard in place.IMG_1433 I also stapled ribbon in place to use as a hangar.IMG_1435 I added some vinyl letters with my Silhouette machine…IMG_1437 I added some sticky back felt pads on all four corners so it doesn’t scratch the door.IMG_1436 Now everyone who comes to my door will be greeted from the heart! IMG_1438


The Silhouette is on your Christmas list right? 

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool