We have been SIIIICK in the IC house.  There is something about October that doesn’t agree with the Midwest.  It could be Mother Nature not being able to make up her mind on weather it should stay hot or turn cold.  We have been down with bad colds.  Thank you to my facebook fans who offered up plenty of remedies to help our family.  I did the Vicks on the feet, the Vitamin C, and the Nasal rinse, all of which are providing some relief.

When we are sick it seems like momma is down more than the kiddos.  So we needed a “chill out” kind of an activity.  Isaac begged for art so this is what I came up with.  Noodle Art!IMG_1240 I first drew a picture using as many straight lines a possible.


Then I made lines of glue tracing the picture and then let my kids crack the noodles and adhere them to the drawing.

IMG_1238I encouraged Isaac (4 years old) to use only spaghetti noodles to cover all the lines.  This taught him estimation since he had to estimate where to break the noodle in order to fit it on the line.  He had fun trying to “outline” the robot in noodles. 


(The little wheel noodle was a must for my son.  He said he also wanted the robot to be able to wheel around and just not walk all the time…smart thinking 😉

My 21 month old even got into it.  I squirted a big glob of glue and she just placed the noodles on it.  IMG_1245 She even liked squirting the glue out…imagine that!IMG_1250 In the end we had a blast and made good use out of an hour of our morning. IMG_1241 To challenge older kids (or mommy) find pictures online or in a coloring book and challenge them to noodle outline it.IMG_1247 It is harder than it looks!IMG_1274 Warning: Chubby little fingers may look like this after project.  Don’t hold IC liable for the delight as the children peel their hands of the dried glue.IMG_1251



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  1. I've been sick with a bad cold for over a week now 🙁 Must be the same thing…my poor 2 year old is bored silly – we're doing this tomorrow for sure 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!

  2. That is precious! You're a good mama…when I'm down, I usually just lay on the couch in a stupor while the kids watch TV. :s I'm impressed!

  3. That is a really cute idea! How fun! I will have to remember that one for my niece!

  4. We've been sick here, too, but all of our noodle art has been in our tummies (soup). Yours looks like fun for the little ones!

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