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My friend reminded me how she used to love my favorite things posts.  Years ago I used to make these lists up all the time of things I love and it has been so long since I have done that.  I am one of those people who love knowing what works for others when it comes to shortcuts, cooking, organization, parenting strategies, etc.  If you know me personally you most likely have been talked to about my love of something.  I love sharing with others the things I love.  So here is the things I have been crushing on lately…

faovrite things

1.  Sengled Pulse (Light Bulb Speakers what???)

This is a genius idea for those of you who love listening to Pandora, podcasts, the news, etc but don’t have a sound system in your house.  While turning Pandora on your phone and sticking your phone in your bra works well {snicker} the Sengled Pulse are LED LIGHT BULBS with speakers in them.  I have them in my kitchen and love jamming out while I am cooking or baking.  Plus they can be controlled by an app and you can dim them too, so no need to install an extra dimmer switch.

sengled pulse light bulbs

2.  The Roadie App – {Uber for your stuff}

I love new app ideas.  And I used Roadie a couple of months ago and thought it was amazing.  I had a king mattress my mom in Indiana wanted to give me for our guest room.  Since she visits a lot I think she just wanted a more comfortable experience at my house.  But either way I am in for the upgrade!  The mattress definitely wouldn’t fit in my van so that would mean renting a truck, driving out there, etc.  For $100 through the Roadie app my king mattress was delivered to my door by a traveler (named Randy) heading my way.  It is like Uber for your stuff. The app notifies you when it is picked up and you can even see where they are in regards to drop off our pick up, check out a screenshot of my gig transport.  Way cool.

roadie 3.  CamelCamelCamel

Do you want to buy your sister a new board game for her birthday that is in 6 months but want to wait get the best price?  CamelCamelCamel allows you to see what the cheapest price a certain item has been on Amazon.  It also lets you put in an alert so they will send you an email when the item you want is the price you want to pay for it.  Which brings me to my next favorite thing that also happens to be the lowest price on Amazon right now!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.25.05 AM

4.  Homeright Finish Max Paint Sprayer

If you are a DIYer you know the value of a good paint sprayer.  You can buy some heavy duty ones that connect to a bulky air compressor, but HomeRight has a great one for light use (I wouldn’t spray my entire house with this) for furniture, board & batten, shiplap walls, cabinets, etc.  In fact I am painting my kitchen now and I am spraying the doors with my trusty Finish Max.  Plus CamelCamelCamel just alerted me that it has dropped to $55 so if you are thinking of buying now is the time!heomright

5.  Silicone Baking Mats {2 for $13.50!)

Last week I shared with you my Tropical Island Fruit Leather that I make a lot.  I make fruit leather every week and these silicone baking mats are awesome.  I just peel the fruit leather off.  No more need to spray the pans with cooking spray just pick up a couple of these mats and french fries, vegetables, cookies, etc., just fall right off the mat.  No baked on cheese, batter, meat or crumbs.  This is a must for the kitchen if you ask me!

silicone baking mats 6. Zaycon {the best place to buy all your meat, poultry and fish!)

Why oh why does everyone not order from Zaycon?  I have used Zaycon for about 4 years now for all my meat, chicken and fish.  The prices are ridiculous and you buy in bulk so I always have what I need for meals in my freezer.  We just ordered the bacon and it is SOOOO good.  It comes straight from the farms to you (well a parking lot near you!) and I have never been disappointed in the last 4 years I have used them.  The chicken event is their biggest of the year.  The next drop off date is in October for the chicken and today’s price is only $1.49/lb! So order now!


7.  Worx Switch Driver

Oh my gosh how I love this drill!  For years I have had a Dewalt drill that is tough and durable.  In fact, once the batteries died it was cheaper for me to purchase a second one than to get new batteries.  Since I use a Kreg Jig pockethole system all the time this drill is a dream.  I usually set up one with the drill bit and the other is set up with the driver bit.  It can be annoying switching from drill to driver bit while you are mid project.  Well now that is not an issue with Worx Switch Driver.  You literally just swivel it to go from driver to drill.  So awesome!  Also the current is Amazon price is 25% off.worx switchdriver 8.  Etekcity Wireless Remote Controls

These are so awesome.  I have these wireless remote controls in every bedroom and in my family room.  They make any appliance, light, lamp or anything else you plug into an outlet able to be turned on and off by a remote control.  This one is currently on deep discount for $15 and it control 3 outlets.  I have 3 lamps on one in my family room.  My son has his fan, his turtle’s heat lamp and his night light on another.  They are amazing.  I did a little facebook live video here if you want to see it in action.  I also gave it to my mom and my dad for mother’s and father’s day.



9.  Madison Reed Touch-Up Powder

I am 39 and I have more gray hair than I care to admit.  I hate that I have to color my hair but I hate gray hair even more.  No way am I going gray at 39. I am too young right? {crickets………} RIGHT?!?!  Please tell me I am still young!  Anyway this touch up powder is amazing and totally blends in with the color of my hair.  It helps give me a couple of more weeks between dying and lasts the entire day.  I also use it as an eyebrow filler since the color is so close to my hair.  Red is a really hard color to find and this is such a great match.  Click here for $15 off your first purchase!

madison reed

This post contains affiliate links.  If you decide to buy THANK YOU, I do get a little kickback!


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