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If you are on Instagram you probably have seen Heidi Swapp’s new Minc machine showcased on DIY and craft bloggers’ feeds.  But if not, let me be the first to introduce you to this new little guy that is taking the craft world by storm! Warning: Foiling is highly addicting! The machine and applied foil turns any black and white laser printed design into a brilliantly shiny work of art.  Let me show you the step-by-step process.

minc machine

My son was home sick that day so he helped me explore the machine.  He was amazed by it and kept sending items through it.  I didn’t create any custom pieces this time (although stay tuned I have 6 months of Minc creations to do for you!) but rather, used some of Heidi Swapp’s premade Minc Ephemera packs to play around with the machine.

1.  Turn on the machine and select heat setting 1-5 depending on the surface you will be sending through the machine.  The manual will tell you which setting will work best for your surface. The adjustable heat settings allows for foil transfer on sensitive materials like vellum, all the way to more robust chipboard and even thin wood veneer.

minc-machine minc-machine-manual

2.  When the light turns green you are ready to send your project through.


3.  Take out the transfer folder (that comes with the starter kit) and add your black and white images.  To bond the foil to a surface you must use a pre-printed accessory or a laser printer.  if you don’t have a laser printer visit your local copy shop. An ink jet printer does not lay down toner and will not work with the Minc.


4.  Cut a piece of foil big enough to cover the image and then a little extra.  Lay it on top of the black and white image with the color of the foil facing up.


5.  Close the transfer folder and send it through your machine making sure you send it through straight and flat.  The rollers inside the machine will send it out the other side. The heat in the Minc machine activates a reaction in the toner that bonds the foil to the surface of the project.



6.  Open your transfer folder and remove the foil.  Admire your work!




Tips and Tricks:

1.  Make sure you always have foil covering the black and white images, meaning don’t send something through without the foil or the black and white laser printed material will junk up your transfer folder.

2.  Space your stuff apart from each other.  If they overlap while in the machine it doesn’t work.  DOH!


3.  Cut the tabs off the packaging of the foil.  It will be easier to remove without damaging your foil.  If you damage the foil it doesn’t get a nice crisp transfer and will have little black spots.


4.  When you first get your machine send your transfer folder through once without anything in it.  This will help the folder lie flat for the foiled projects to come.

5.  Once you’ve run a project with toner through the machine, the toner has been heat activated and will not bond with foil on a second pass. Make sure you foil your whole project at the same time.

Isn’t that #rad!



The Minc machine retails for $149.99 at Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby or many online retailers.  Right now it is on sale for $119.99 at Jo-Ann! (looks like it sold out online – check your local store).  The Minc foil retails for $9.99.  Save those Jo-Ann coupons to save!

I am so thrilled to be partnering with Heidi Swapp and American Crafts for the next 5 months to inspire you with this machine! I might be a little obsessed. To see more projects hop on Instagram and look under the hashtag #HSMinc for more shiny things!

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  1. I’ve been doing this with a laminater for years. Figured someone would capitalize on this and try to make a buck.

  2. I have my foil and sleeve caught in my Mini Minc Machine. I have taken all the screws out thinking it would open up. How do I get it out??? I know I am not supposed to pull it through the rollers but I may have to. Please help if you can.

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