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Well it is official folks.  My husband took a job in Columbus, Ohio. So we are packing up our family and moving in three weeks to a new community.  While this is a super exciting opportunity for our family we are already mourning the loss of all our family and friends here in Indianapolis.  I keep telling myself it is only 3 hours away and we can visit anytime.  So with moving comes packing and with packing comes purging.  And I am PURGING baby.  I want to start over! Yes, I am crazy! So I am opening the doors to my home this Saturday and selling off a truckload of my creations and I want you to come!  That is, if you live in the Indianapolis area.  Unless you want to fly in for the event. {giggle}


The way this event will work is you will get to tour my house and there will be price tags on the stuff for sale.  So if you were ever wondering what my house looks like up close and personal now is your chance. Oh, and yes we sold our house already, in less than 48 hours, with a bidding war to boot!

My new house might be barren for months but that will be more of an incentive for me to get my creative juices flowing and decorate a new place.  Here is a tiny sneak peek of things up for sale…

The Stacked End Table Shelf


 Jewelry Organizer Out of an Old Crib


Drop Cloth Upholstered Chair


Upholstered Damask Wingback Chairs


Headboard from an Old Door



Old TV to a Console Table

TV cabinet_thumb[5]

There is a ton more! Now these prices aren’t going to be garage sale prices – more like TJ Maxx/Home Goods prices.  I will probably have garage sale items thrown out on the driveway too but the goal of the sale (besides purging) is to give my handmade, remade or upcycled pieces a new home that will love them and think of me forever when they see it. HA!

If you are interested in coming please email me for directions and the address at infarrantlycreative@gmail.com.

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  1. Best of luck with your move. When I was in middle/high school we moved from Indianapolis to Columbus (well, Hilliard) and we were very happy there. Plus you are right – it’s a short drive back to visit!

  2. Welcome to town! We’ve lived all over the country but settled in Columbus for keeps in 2008. Feel free to get in touch if you need the 411 about the 614!

  3. Dang it. I just knew it wouldn’t take long for God to call you guys to the next thing. Also I really want that turquoise lamp. Hmmm, I just might have to swing by. 😉 Grace+peace on the next step in your journey!

  4. ugh! stupid computer. I just left a comment–think it disappeared.
    Life sure changes quickly doesn’t it? You’re strong, and you’ll be able to handle this. Just think of all the great content over the next year or so. I’ll be going to the country living fair, maybe we’ll run into each other. 🙂 Wishing your family ALL the best!

  5. Just wanted to ask if you have suggestions for single bed headboards for young boys (4 & 2) room. Sheets have blue anchors and coverlets are Red and Blue. Have not painted room yet. Need suggestions. Am I at the right place?

  6. You are so sweet, Gail! I am totally pumped about all the new projects – I thrive on the chaos. 😉 I’ll definitely check out the fair – especially if you will be there!

  7. Well, I guess God heard my little prayer! Congratulations on such a quick sale. Yay! I actaully love moving and starting over. I know it’s sad to leave good friends, but just think of all the new ones out there just waiting for you!

  8. I had a feeling that’s why you were here a few weeks ago! Hope you like becoming a buckeye. I’m in Grove City, a suburb just South of Columbus. It was just named the number 1 city in Ohio. 🙂

  9. I’m right off of I70 on your way to C-bus! 🙂 About an hour west of Columbus! Welcome to the next adventure! 🙂

  10. Good luck with the move, Beckie, and I’m so glad you’ll be joining us Buckeyes. Columbus is a wonderful town and you’ll love it there. Safe travels!

  11. Thank you, Mandy! Once I get my new craft space up and running, you will have to come and join me for crafting! 😉

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