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I found these lockers on the side of the road last March.   Two middle school boys were carrying them to the curb when I drove by.   I did a sudden stop and asked if they were throwing them out.   When they replied with a yes I begged them to put them back in their garage and I would come back with my husband to get them. ROADKIL RESCUE HERO!

They were in pretty good shape but they had some rust spots and definitely needed to be painted.   Well…they sat in our garage until last week just taking up space.   Then I painted them with the new Dual Paint by Krylon and they look brand new.

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Krylon sent me a case of their new Dual Paint to try out.   Krylon boasts that their new Dual Spray Paint is an all-in-one paint with a built-in primer inside.   So there is no need for the two steps of priming and them painting.   I will have to admit I was a little leery.   I am always skeptical about shortcuts.   But I decided to give it a try…after all…who can resist free spray paint? {giggle}

Here is what the lockers looked like prior to paint.   They were a putty colored before.

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I prepped the surface really well by scrubbing the lockers with soap and water and then lightly sanded the glossy surface with a 3M sanding sponge and then I sprayed away…and sprayed…and sprayed with Classic Gray.


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After 4 1/2 cans of the Dual Paint I had some pretty brand new looking lockers.

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how to paint lockers (29)

The lockers were missing their number plates.   So I called the nice people up at Lyons Lockers and asked if they would send me some new numbers and they sent them numbers 1-3 free of charge to me.   I super glued those in place, and it gave it that finished look.



Krylon sent me the new Dual Paint to try out. Check out their latest promotion, The Dual Duel, where Krylon is looking to find The Ultimate Restorer. To win this title, enter your spray paint restoration project and encourage friends and family to vote for your project as their favorite for their chance to win too.

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  1. Simply wonderful! I’ve been jealous of your road kill rescues before but this one…I’ve been wanting lockers forever and maybe just maybe I will be as lucky as you someday!

  2. I only wish I could find jewels like this on the road! I would love some lockers by the door in the garage for a faux mud room. Great color choice!

  3. I love the lockers Beckie! The lighter grey color looks great, how fun that the company sent you the numbers 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to join this campaign, its been so fun!

  4. Did I say 4 coats? I meant 4 cans of spray paint. I am not sure what I am doing with them yet. They are probably going in the playroom.

  5. Score! You will love them. You can also put little pegs in them (if they are like mine) to hang shelves on them.

  6. Bwwwhahahaha….they were pretty cool about it. I should bring them back all painted and leave them where I found them.

  7. Wow! What a lucky find! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for lockers for a while. Love how they look with their coat of grey. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your find! My MIL has told me I can have a set of these that are in their garage….as soon as my Father in Law isnt looking:) Ive bookmarked this post for DIY help once I get my set:) Thanks so much!

  9. I hope I can find someone throwing out lockers someday!
    These are such a nice find. Great job getting them looking brand new!

  10. These turned out great! I’ve been wanting to paint some metal filing cabinets that we had, but I wasn’t sure how they would turn out. I’ll have to give this spray paint a try.

  11. I just scored a free single locker that was destined for the scrap yard – it is already grey so I am thinking yellow… Thanks for the tutorial Beckie

  12. I just found this post and I am about to paint a set of lockers for our playroom. Now that its been over a year since you painted the lockers I was wondering how well the paint has held up? Thanks in advance!!!

  13. This is several years later and I’m getting ready to paint my lockers that definitely have rust on them. Would you still recommend this spray paint with the primer in it? Has it held up well?

  14. My dad had an old locker in his shed for years. I wish I could get my hands on it but I have no clue where it went. It’s a shame, because lockers can look so good in the right space! Yours look so much better now that you painted them. Very nice results. And everything was free! Woot woot!

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