Simple Christmas Wreath

This DIY Simple Christmas Wreath will literally take you 5 minutes. You really don’t even need a tutorial. This is the most simple Christmas wreath you will ever make. 

All you do is wrap the garland around the wreath and attach floral greening pins to hold it in place. The.end. 

The beauty is in the fun silver and gold garland from Hobby Lobby. Or you can choose different colored garlands. 

It is the same method I used for the Creepy Spider Infested Wreath from Halloween.

Simple Christmas Wreath


  • 20” STYROFOAM™ Brand wreath
  • 2 silver and gold garland from Hobby Lobby (the Brand is Christmas Shoppe and it retails for $7.99 a piece)
  • Floral greening pins
  • Thick wired Christmas ribbon
  • Gorilla Tape
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How To make this Simple Christmas Wreath

1.  You will need two of the 12’ garlands from Hobby Lobby or another craft store and one 20” STYROFOAM™ Brand wreath. 

You will begin by securing the garland to the back of the wreath with a floral greening pin.


2.  Wrap the garland around with consistent tightness making sure you cover all of the white Styrofoam wreath and fluffing the garland as you go. 

Secure the end of the 1st garland with a floral pin and attach another garland the same way.


3.  Secure the second garland in place as well and you have a gorgeous, fluffy, metallic wreath!


4.  Cut a length of ribbon. I used a 4” wide wired ribbon from the Christmas section. 

Loop one end through the wreath and attach the ribbon with Gorilla tape to the top of your door or back of a mirror like I did.

5.  Take another length of ribbon and tie a bow. 

Cut long tails and curl them with your hands. 

Attach the bow with a floral pin or head pin onto your wreath and you are done.


Do you want to see my entire Christmas metallic vignette?

I teamed up with Styrofoam Crafts for 6 months of wreaths. 

Here are some of the past wreaths I’ve made.


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  1. What?! This is so simple! Why didn’t I ever think of this?! Grrr! =] Very cool. I have been wanting to do a wreath wall in my house for the holidays! I love wreaths and my mom recently sent me three boxes of her old Christmas decor and she had a few wreaths in there. I wanted to display them but three didn’t seem like enough for a wreath “wall”. These looks so cute and they really look like you spent loads of time on them. And I love that you can take the garland off and use it another way next year. And then you still have the foam wreath form to do whatever you want with too. Nothing permanent. I love when you can reuse stuff. Thanks for the idea!! =]

  2. I was looking up wreats for my friend and found this. Wonderful. I think I’ll be making one too.

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