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Do you know what I love about Home Right? They are constantly looking for people’s feedback regarding their DIY products.  And they listen!  And make changes to make their products better.  Enter HomeRight Finish Max Pro on stage right!

home right finish max pro


This is my third paint sprayer I have used and reviewed.  My first one was a cheapy Harbor Freight one (see review here).  It was a great beginner one because of the price, the biggest con being you had to use an air compressor with it – which made it very cumbersome and loud.  The Home Right Command Max took its place since then simply because it was all electric and covered more area when spraying and gave a nicer finish (see review here).  Now my new upgrade is the HomeRight Finish Max Pro .

home right finish max paint sprayer

The Finish Max Pro looks similar to the Command Max except it is lighter (see I said it was heavy in my review and they made changes!) and offers a finer mist.  I also love that you can set it down in the unit while not in use.


1.  It is lightweight and easy to maneuver -by far the lightest of the sprayers I have used.

Tip:  Make sure the tube is angled forward for most projects unless you are painting something higher then angle the tube backwards.

home right paint sprayer

2.  Give an awesome finish.  Since it is a light mist if a spray the finish is even smoother than ever.

home right spray sprayer review

3.  It is really easy to use, no complicated features.


1.  Attaching and unattaching the air hose is hard for weak hands.  I have had to have my hubby do it for me.  I am thinking maybe a little lubricant would help it slide a little better.  The challenge is pushing it in and then twisting it to latch unto the plastic circle.

home right paint sprayer tube

2.  The air tube gets in the way.  However, this is a universal paint sprayer issue.  Either you have a cord or an air tube connecting a compressor.  So ideally I would like a cordless, lightweight, GPS empowered paint sprayer (so when I misplace it I can find it – ha!) that is self-cleaning.  Can you do that for me Home Right?

home right paint sprayer tip

All in all this will be my new paint sprayer.  I love its portability, its weight and it awesome fine spray.  I will be showcasing more of this baby soon. It retails for $149.99 but you can find it on Amazon for $112 right now.

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Disclaimer: This is a compensated giveaway as part of the Home Right Brand Ambassadorship program. However, I keep it legit people. All claims and opinions belong to an opionated red head.

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  1. Hello, I would paint my dining room table, something I have been meaning to do for awhile. Thanks for a great giveaway!

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