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The Game of Love is a customizable bedroom board game that makes an awesome gift & surprise for your husband!

They’ve printed a blank game board onto a fitted sheet, and it’s ready for you to customize! Using the included, washable fabric markers, fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from The Idea Vault.

Customize the game to fit your relationship and when you’re ready to play, you and your loved one will roll the die and together, move along the game board completing each space.

They’ve taken care of everything you need to plan and pull-off one of the best nights ever!


Every Game of Love kit comes with everything you need to customize and play your game.

It also includes access to The Idea Vault, which makes customizing your game easy & fun! The Vault is filled with hundreds of ideas to spark your creativity. It also has completed game board templates that you can use as guide while you plan your game.

They’ll help you create a game that fits your relationship just right! Your husband is going to LOVE this!

Game of Love STANDARD Kit

One of the biggest missions behind Game of Love is Breaking Up With Your Bedtime Routine.

Technology is awesome, but it can get in the way of connecting with your spouse. Monica is encouraging couples to put their cell phones, laptops & TV remotes down and spend time reconnecting at the end of the day!

Check out this Video Trailer showing how one couple used Game of Love to Break Up with their Bedtime Routine!

Isn’t that so fun!?!

While you’re checking out the website for yourself, remember that The Game of Love also makes a great gift!

Consider ditching the wedding registry and get them a creative, personal gift they’ll get seriously excited about!

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What should I write on my game sheet?

Customizing your game is easy & fun! We’ve created The Idea Vault, filled with hundreds of ideas to spark your creativity. You’ll also have access to our completed game board templates that you can use as guide.

We’ll help you create a game that will fit your relationship just right!

You’ll have full access to The Idea Vault with any Game of Love Kit purchase.

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