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Welcome, fellow DIY enthusiasts and farmhouse fanatics! I am so excited to share with you this idea. It is well known that I absolutely love to upcycle furniture. The number of DIY projects I have made so far is truly ridiculous.

The truth is that with a few simple tools, some creativity, and a touch of rustic charm, you can turn an outdated piece into a stunning statement piece. Also, if you love as well that farmhouse look, it is so easy to achieve it with old sad pieces of furniture.

In my Roadkill Rescue series, I have transformed old Shipping Crates into a Toy Box, a desk into a coffee table, and, here below, a dresser into a changing table, just to name a handful.

How To Repurpose a Dresser into a Changing Table

My stepsister is having her first baby this month. As she was decorating for this new addition she had an old dresser in her house that needed a makeover.

She had this dresser as long as she could remember so she wanted to keep it in her home for sentimental reasons. However, she needed a changing table for her new son and asked her dad if he could make that happen.

So my stepdad enlisted my help to make it over. Goody, goody!

keyhole dresser revamp (32)-1

After my stepdad reinforced it and patched some holes it arrived to me looking like this…

keyhole dresser revamp (5)

Finding the Perfect Dresser Add-on for $1

When I went on the Mint Julep Jaunt with some other bloggers to thrift in Louisville, KY back in June I was at the Salvation Army store and they had this changing table top.

I asked how much it was, and the old dude clearly didn’t know what it was, and said how about $1? 

I said “Perfect!”  I was hoping it would fit on top of the dresser.

keyhole dresser revamp (11)

Now it wasn’t a perfect fit, hanging over the sides about 1” but for this project I knew it was perfect and would still be safe for the baby.

keyhole dresser revamp (13)-1

So I sanded the dresser down, removed the little keyholes on the drawers that had them (one was missing) and spray primed and painted it with my paint sprayer.

I used a color I had on hand (since my step sister wasn’t picky) which was Gobi Dessert by Behr.

I LOVE THIS COLOR, it is the perfect neutral from everything from furniture to walls.

keyhole dresser revamp (16)

Then I gave it a little character refinement with some 60 grit sandpaper on all the edges.

keyhole dresser revamp (19)

I told my step sister to wait 3 weeks before screwing the changing table into the dresser in order to give the paint time to cure.

That way when she is done using it as a changing table she can remove the top and still have a functional dresser.

keyhole dresser revamp (24)
keyhole dresser revamp (26)-1

The changing table had two hangars on the back which can be used to anchor it to the dresser after the paint is cured.

keyhole dresser revamp (1)-1
keyhole dresser revamp (32)-1
keyhole dresser revamp (33)-1

They look like they are meant to be together now that they are painted.  And, of course, I love the dual function of removing the changing table top and still having a usable piece of furniture that can grow with their family.

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  1. Love this project! The changing table top looks like it belongs on that dresser. What a great find! Love the color you used, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am starting to look around for pieces that I can do this with as well. Thanks for the example, I will keep it in mind when I find what I’m looking for! 🙂

  3. This is such a cool project. The new top is great. But I have to admit that I was sad that you would paint over that beautiful wood. I know it was damaged and not for everyone, but it was so gorgeous!!!

  4. You did an amazing job with that dresser/changer table! Looks like they were meant to be togeather… beautiful!

  5. great job Beckie! I remember when you bought it at the salvation army. 🙂

    I also remember the little sample I got from YOUR blog get-together (gobi desert)

    Love the dresser and that it will be fully functional later.


  6. Honey! Beautiful job!

    I hear Kathleen just loves it. Thanks for your time and energy on this project. 😀

    Love you dearly!

  7. What a great piece with great lines. Love the color you used. It looks fantastic! You really lucked out finding the $1 piece for the top!

  8. Beckie, we absolutely love the revamped piece for the nursery and the color is perfect! Thank you so much for taking on the project. We really are so thankful for all the work you put into it! Love ya! Kathleen

  9. Great revamp! I loved that wood though. What was it? One part resembled burled walnut!

  10. Hey Beckie;
    The Baby changing table looks really nice!
    You and your Sister should be aware of the fact that the Dresser’s wood is called Tiger Oak. It is very old, and is highly sought after, as it is Antique furniture.
    The shape and style of the Dresser places it from the late 1800’s. Value is roughly $250.00-$650.00.
    I Collect all types of Antiques, I know what I am doing, and I know prices. I have several pieces of Tiger Oak Antique Furniture which I have in my home, which I have fixed, and refinished, which I use daily.
    More than likely, the Dresser can be fixed, and refinished so that the Tiger Oak can show once your Sister uses it for her Baby, if she desires!
    Best of luck to your Sister with her new bundle of Joy!! 🙂

  11. Yah it was gorgeous. It was in rough condition though and beyond my skills to refinish it. But I would love to find one like that and refinish it.

  12. What thrift stores did you go to in Louisville. I live there and never seem to find anything good for a cheap price.

  13. I actually live in Indianapolis. But Gail from My Repurposed Life lives in Louisville and she find amazing deals you should email her.

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