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I got the opportunity to try the new Dole Nutrition Plus Fruit and Veggies Power Smoothies Shakers. With the many health changes I have made in my life the last 10 months I am always open to trying products that allow me to get more veggies into my diet – something I always continue to struggle with.  I have just started juicing recently in order to help get more veggies in this body of mine.  Now I won’t pretend that these Dole Smoothie Shakers are better or more healthy than raw veggies and fruits in your own blender but they are a GREAT OPTION for quick, on the run snack options that are so simple to make and that the kids will actually drink.  No my kids will not drink the ones I make at home. 

DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggies POWER Smoothie Shakers

You can pick them up in the grocery freezer section.  One of the stores sold them for $2.12 and another of my stores sold them for $1.52 which I think it totally reasonable.  They are made with fruits, veggies and Greek yogurt.  So it has a little added protein and it is less than 200 calories.

All you need to do is remove the top and break apart the chunks.  Then add your juice of choice.  I used 100% white grape peach juice. 



Then get the kiddos involved and have them shake for 30-45 seconds.  {shake face optional}.


Both of my kids liked the Raspberry Strawberry one but didn’t like the Blueberry Banana one. I didn’t care for that one either but then again, I loathe nanners.  They didn’t have the Pineapple Mango one in stock but I will try that one too.


It is a great cool summer snack and the kids are more apt to drink it when they get to do a little shake too.  And I think you will be impressed with the taste.  Believe me, if my kids liked it yours will too – I have picky ones.


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Disclaimer:  This is a compensated campaign through Mom It Forward.  I wasn’t paid for my opinions but my time.  All opinions and cute kids belong to me.

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  1. I’ll have to check those out!!! Sounds like a steal at your grocery stores. I would be trying only the strawberry/raspberry. 🙂 Not a fan of drinks with bananas. 😛

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