La Posh Style Giveaway

Today I want to introduce you to a online woman’s clothing boutique called La Posh Style.   They have the most adorable clothes and they are VERY affordable.   Today they want to give one lucky IC reader a dress of her choice (no price limit)!laposhstyle logo

I am going to take you on a virtual shopping spree with me.   It will be fun, you will get to see my style and some gorgeous outfits.   Take this Sophisticated Chic Dress for $54.99.   You have to check out the corset tie up in the back to help accentuate the waist.chic dress

I adore the Ruffle Button Up Top for $24.99. What I love about this top, besides the ruffles (of course!), is the cinch waist.   This helps define your figure and make your waist appear smaller.   The royal blue is stunning and I like how it flares out at the bottom to hide my “yes-I-had-a-baby” area.

ruffle button up top

I like these brown boots because you can tighten the strap around your calf.   I always have a problem with boots not staying up because I have skinny calves.   If it were dependent on my thighs to hold the boots up WE’D HAVE NO PROBLEM, but my calves are not proportionate to my thighs.

brown boots

The Verona Tunic in Jade has the fitted waist and the ruffles that I love. Pair this with skinny jeans or leggings and boots and you are a show stopper!


Would you like to win the dress of your choice from La Posh Style?

1.   Visit La Posh Style and tell me what dress you like the best for one entry to the giveaway.

2.   Like La Posh Style on Facebook for another entry.   Please leave a comment for each that you do.

laposhstyle logo


  1. why oh WHY couldn’t this whole stinkin’ collection be found in my closet?? Everything in it is my style, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

  2. Loving the Geometric print Knit Dress!

  3. I love the Ruffles & Belt Teal Tunic!! But, they are all adorable!

  4. I love that “favorite printed dress”…So cute.

  5. I follow on Facebook too!

  6. I liked their page on Facebook!

  7. I like La Posh Style on facebook

  8. Love the verona tunic in mustard, the cuddle with me dress, and of course that jolie dress is to die for!

  9. I really love the Must Have Dress For Fall!

  10. The jolie dress is my favorite, but I look gross in yellow. So I’d go with the dazzling knit tube dress!

  11. I already like them on FB!

  12. “When In Rome” is awesome but then so is everything on their site!

  13. I like La Posh Style on Facebook

  14. Love the Sophisticated Chic dress….good choice!

  15. The jolie dress is to die for, but I look gross in yellow. So I’d go with the dazzling knit tube dress!

  16. I love the Endless Opportunities Dress in cream! So adorable!

  17. I “liked” La Posh Style on FB.

  18. Great, now I have found another clothing website I love! I love the Light pink belted dress!

  19. Love the embroidered tunic dress!

  20. I have the same problem with boots and my calves! I refuse to buy a boot that doesn’t fit how I want so therefore, I own no boots yet. A lot of the adjustable ones don’t get close enough still.

    I LOVE both the ruffles and belt teal tunic!

  21. I’ve liked them on FB!

  22. I am loving the Veronica Tunic in Jade right along with you! (plus most everything else on the LaPosh website!!!)

  23. Such cute stuff! I’d go with the Endless Opportunities Dress in Navy.

  24. I also liked them on Facebook.

  25. the favorite printed dress – teal or brown? How would I decide?

  26. you bet I LIKE la posh style on FB!!

  27. I would like to win the Seafoam Charming Dress. It would be fantastic for upcoming holiday parties 🙂

  28. darling ruffle dress! man, these are all cute and very reasonable in price!

  29. Clay Space Liked La Posh on FB!

  30. The dazzling tube knit dress is perfect! I love geometric patterns and I think the red stripe in the middle would be very figure-flattering.

  31. I love the Colorful Maxi Dress.

  32. I like them on FB.

  33. I LOVE the Endless Opportunities Dress in Navy! So cute!!

  34. Love the verona tunic in mustard and just about every cardigan!

  35. I love the darling dress! Darling!!

  36. LOVE the white dress with the black polka dots!

  37. I love the Veronica Tunic in mustard. Beautiful!

  38. vintage look in blue! thanks for the giveaway Beckie!

  39. Some many pretty dresses! I love the Cuddle with me dress in brown. The Veronica tunic in teal is a close second!

  40. Sarah Eiley Cowherd says

    Once I get my pre-pregnancy weight back after this baby, dur this winter, I am totally shopping there!!! love so many things it’s hard to choose. I love the ruffles and belt in teal. 🙂

  41. Sarah Eiley Cowherd says

    Liked La posh on Fb!

  42. So many lovely choices it’s hard to choose. I really like the look of Verona Tunic is Mustard.
    Thanks so much Beckie!

  43. Wow what a great store! Soooo many cute dresses but I think the Sophisticated Chic Dress is actually my fave!

  44. I like La Posh style on Facebook now!!

  45. The one and only tunic looks like it would be super flattering! Thanks for the give-a-way. 🙂

  46. I like La Posh on FB

  47. I absolutely LOVE the cuddle with me dress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. So many to choose from, my top pick is the One and only Tunic

  49. LIked on facebook!

  50. I like the sophisticated chic dress in red the best for the upcoming fall season!!

  51. I didn’t see anything I didn’t like. My favorite one is the Jolie dress though.

  52. I like the dazzling knit dress- wow, so cute!

  53. I like La Posh on FB. Great giveaway!!!

  54. Just liked them on FB. Love the modern clothes that are affordable so thanks for the tip!

  55. Love the endless opportunities dress in cream!

  56. Adorable AND affordable! What’s not to like?? My fave is the Jolie dress though. Seeing it with a denim jacket, cowboy boots & a scarf for fall, then on its own next summer. 🙂

  57. I love the geometric print knit dress

  58. I liked La Posh Style on Facebook, too.

  59. I also became a fan on Facebook

  60. Adorable AND affordable! What’s not to like?? My favorite is the Jolie dress. Seeing it with a denim jacket, cowboy boots and a scarf for fall, then on its own next summer.

  61. I “liked” La Posh on Facebook!

  62. I like la posh style on facebook already

  63. my fav dress is the ruffled black belted dress (and I love those boots!)

  64. Wish there was a ‘love’ button on Facebook but I did ‘like’ them!

  65. Darleen Kurisko says

    The Verona Tunic in mustard is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  66. I absolutely love The One and Only Tunic. So cute!

  67. I Like La Posh Style on Facebook.

  68. I like the navy blue Secret Garden dress.

  69. I love the Dress in Rust ( It would be perfect for a wedding I’m going to in November.

  70. I liked ’em on Facebook!

  71. I really like the “Dress in Rust”- very figure flattering and would show off sexy shoulders. =)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. I absolutly love the geometric knit dress!! Love, love! In fact it’s going on my christmas list! Thank you for turning me on to this great site! My husband won’t thank you but I will! Thank you!

  73. I like the style me pretty dress!!

  74. I liked La Posh on Facebook!

  75. I just love the geometric knit dress! Insane! It’s going on my Christmas list for Santa!

  76. Of course I “liked” them on FB! Going to shop the website now!

  77. Amy Clayburn says

    I like the Ruffles and Belt Teal Tunic!

  78. I like the Mediterranean Maxi… so cute and comfy! Or the On Vacation dress – gorgeous colors! Too many beautiful options… 🙂

  79. Amy Clayburn says

    I like La Posh Style on Facebook!
    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  80. I love the Sydney Mocha Button Up Dress with Belt, super cute!

  81. I like La Posh Style on Facebook!

  82. In all it’s glam dress is AWESOME! Love, love, love it!

  83. We have the same taste! My fave is the Jade Verona tunic!

  84. I like them on FB!

  85. Love the take me away dress!

  86. Like La Posh on FB

  87. I love the Sophisticated Chic Dress

  88. Loved….wait like La Posh facebook page

  89. I LOVE the summer striped dress in red! And the dress in rust.

  90. I like them on fb!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  91. I love the Ruffles and teal belt tunic!!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  92. Love the Life is Beautiful dress! They have great clothes!

  93. Liked on FB too

  94. love the Barcelona dress in mustard!

  95. of course, I liked them on Facebook! 🙂

  96. i like them on FB steph sweeper

  97. The ruffles and belt teal tunic is SO my style. It would be great with stretchers and the boots santa is getting me for Christmas!

  98. I need the GEOMETRIC PRINT KNIT DRESS so I can wear it on a hot date with my hubby!


  100. Ahhh I like so many of them!!! But the Verona tunic (in blue or mustard) is what convinced me to enter the giveaway when I saw your post, so I’m sticking with that.

  101. I liked them on facebook!

  102. Wow, what a gorgeous clothing line.
    I personally love the Barcelona Dress, and the Vintage Style Dress. and most of all the Cuddle with Me Dress, which could take you from Summer to Fall so easily.

    I also wanted to say that I am sorta new to this whole, “creative, self-expression, DIY” stuff and I am absolutely enjoying it. Although I admit that I am no where as professional as some of my favorite Blogger’s yet, but hope to some day be! It makes me smile to feel that I have found something that I enjoy doing, for me. Thanks for your daily inspiration!

    – Meaghan

  103. I liked La Posh Style on Facebook as well!

  104. I love love love the Endless Opportunities dress in cream


  105. I love so many things! The Gray Top with a Flower Patch is great.

    I have a fall wedding to attend, the Jolie dress would be perfect! Then the Attractive Polka Dot dress.

    Don’t even get me started on my cardigan obsession…I’d have to have every single one!

  106. I love the jolie dress!

  107. I love the Life is Beautiful dress and the Drop me a line dress 🙂

  108. I like the Must Have Dress For Fall:

  109. I like La Posh Style on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  110. I like the Vintage Look Dress in Blue.

  111. I like the endless opportunities dress in cream

  112. I like La Posh Style on fb

  113. I love the love love the Multiple printed dress!

  114. I also have liked La Posh on facebook

  115. I like the simply lovely dress. Really cute.

  116. My favorite has to be the Merona Tunic–in Jade. So cute!

  117. cherith kapenga says

    Love the Dazzling Tube Knit Dress!

  118. Love the Jolie dress. Would wear it with a denim jacket, boots & a scarf for fall.

  119. I also love the blue ruffle shirt. I love the vibrancy of the color and the playfulness of the ruffles.

  120. Okay, LOVE the Dazzling Tube Knit dress with that great geometric print. Also really love the One & Only Tunic Dress with the pretty ruffles! Great shop! Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. Lovin the Ruffles and Belt Teal Tunic!

  122. I love the Verona tunic!!! It’s so pretty!

    sweetpea101506 (at) aol (dot) com

  123. I liked them on Facebook!

    sweetpea101506 (at) aol (dot) com

  124. I really love LOVE the tunic in jade, but my size seems to be sold out!! But then a pair of the tall reddish brown boots seem to be calling my name too.

  125. Gianna Patton says
  126. Gianna Patton says

    I am a fan of La Posh Tyler on Facebook (Gia Patton-Judge)

  127. I loved ’em all, but really liked the Ocean Mist dress! Thanks!

  128. I also really like LA Posh on FB!!

  129. I love the ruffles and belt teal tunic!!

  130. I liked them on facebook

  131. I am torn between the Brown printed dress and the verona tunic in mustard. Great styles!

  132. i am a fb fan

  133. I love the button up dress in camel!

  134. Oh I love the ruffled kakhi belted dress!!!

  135. Why can’t I have everything?!?!?! For now I think my fave is the ruffles and belt teal tunic…perfect with some leggings!

  136. I like ’em on Facebook! Ohhhh, I hope I win!!!

  137. Love the “style me pretty” dress. It’s so cute and the feathers make it unique. 🙂

  138. I’m loving sooo many of things from this website!! Ahhh! I have to say though, that Jolie dress is perfect for this Texas girl!! I’m also really loving that Ruffled Black Belted dress! Soo feminine too!

  139. I love the Verona Tunic In Mustard!!!

  140. I like the one and only tunic! Am I too late to join?

  141. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    I absolutely adore the You Complete Me dress. Its gorgeous!

  142. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    Liked La Posh Style on Facebook .

  143. the seaside maxi dress would be the best bet for me as i have a huge tummy (pregnant!) thanks!

  144. I like the Drop me A Line dress!

  145. like LA Posh Style on facebook