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I am a firm believer in teaching the kids that as part of the family they have jobs to keep our home running smoothly.  Some of these job are family contributions – things they have to do simply as part of the family.  Then there are things they get to do (called chores) that they do to earn money.  I pay my kiddos half their age each week.  So since Kayla is 5 she makes $2.50 each week and Isaac makes $3.50 ($4 in a couple of weeks when he turns 8!).  In addition to collecting the shoes and putting them back at the end of the day, setting the table, and straightening the pillows on the couch each day Kayla has to vacuum the kitchen floor.  To make her job easier we bought her a BLACK + DECKER Pivot Vac.


We needed something small enough that she could handle but powerful enough that she wouldn’t have to work too hard to angle it just right to suck up everyday messes.  What I loved about the cordless hand vac was that we could pivot the nozzle to the angle where Kayla wouldn’t have to lift it but rather zoom it across the kitchen floor like a car.  So she crawls around sucking up all the dirt after each meal and actually enjoys it.  And yes, she is usually singing while doing it.

Since the Pivot Vac is great at cleaning small messes it allows Kayla to keep our kitchen floor free from crumbs from our meals. Another thing we liked about the Pivot Vac was that she could open it up and clear out the dirt after each use.  Ahhhh anything my kids can handle to do unassisted is sweet music to my ears.

BLACK   DECKER Pivot Vacuum

So when BLACK + DECKER asked me to participate in a campaign to showcase the newer model of the Pivot Vac it was a no-brainer!  Plus the newer model is even better!  Sleeker, slicker, more functional and more attachments.



I love love love this little handheld vacuum.  And so does Kayla.

With the press of a button you can angle the nose in order to reach hard to reach spaces.  We usually set the angle for Kayla and then she zooms Also it folds up completely and sets on the base to charge.


After each use Kayla empties it and then we rinse the filter when necessary.



It has a nozzle you can pull out for tight spaces.  We usually use this around baseboards.


Or a brush to trap pet hair and dust.  The best part is the attachments are attached so you don’t have to store them and bring them out when you need them.  They are already on board.


I give this vacuum 5 stars for function, design and the ability to make a 5-year old happy to do her job.



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  1. I need help with the kitchen floor. A real, live little helper would be nice, too.

  2. I would touch up my kitchen floor after cooking; use it on my stairs and to freshen up my furniture!

  3. I would use this on the front entryway, which is small, but always gets tons of dirt dragged in from my husband after work!

  4. It will help pick up dog hair around the house and my hair that falls all over the bathroom that I am CONSTANTLY trying to sweep up!

  5. I like that it is bag less. It would help me clean up after my cats. They get in plants and spill the dirt out of the pots.

  6. The On-board brush and extendable crevice tool is my favorite. I can clean the dog hair out of my car.

  7. We need a new handheld for the same reason. Thanks for sharing. Also, I would love to know which responsibilities your kids have for being part of the family and which things they do for paid chores. My daughter is 5 and we would like to set up the same system this summer.

  8. I love that this pivot can go in different angles for easier cleaning

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