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I haven’t loved our downstairs bathroom since we moved in three years ago.   I think it is actually the only room in the house that has the original paint on the walls.   It is red.   Now while I love decorate with red they chose a red that is too tomato-ey for me. The shower curtain was also left behind (don’t worry I changed the liner) by the previous homeowners.   Same thing, I didn’t love it.   But it was good enough. I knew one day I would redecorate the bathroom.   That day has come (my husband is going to cringe when he comes home).   Goodbye ugly Hollywood lights.   See ya red paint! Hasta la vista iron décor.IMG_2213

I did update the bathroom a tad a couple of years ago.   I painted the vanity black and changed out the mirror.   That helped get me through today.   But now a total revamp is on, here is my checklist.

1. Board & Batten.   It is everywhere in blogland and I figure this is an easy project to start with since the bathroom is only an 5’ x 8’ space.   I love the bright classic look of the white board & batten.

2.   New lights. Blech to the current Hollywood lights!   I want something softer with glass shades.


3. A new color on the wall.   I have always dug hues of blue but I think I am going to take a blue break and go with PLUM.   I know some of you are dry heaving right now.   But lately it has been calling my name. It’ll be pretty, I promise. Or maybe I will change my mind, who knows.

So excuse me while I go patch the walls and primer.IMG_2218I will keep you posted on the progress and if you used a plum shade that you totally dig I am open to suggestions.

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  1. Exciting! Can't wait to see how you transform it. I know it will look awesome when you're done.

  2. I've been known to start the demo process when my husband's out of the house, too. Hmmm…maybe that's why he works from home now. Can't wait to see it transformed.

  3. I love Vintage Wine by Benjamin Moore, it is their color of the year. Check it out. Good luck.

  4. Our powder room had a dark plum color on the walls when we moved in- I loved the color but it was like a cave in there. Plus, the walls showed dust- can you believe it?! I don't like to dust the furniture, I'm sure not going to dust the walls! 🙂 Anyway, I painted a lighter grayish/bluish/purple, Sherwin Williams Vesper Violet #6542 and I love it. May not be what you had in mind, but thought I'd share. Can't wait to see what you decide! 🙂

  5. Plum will be gorgeous!!! Especially if you pick a not quite white-white but something with a tad of grey. (true grey or purple grey) The right plum is a pretty neutral color, pairing well with green, blue, brown pink and black. (but not all at once! Yikes!)

    If this is anything like your other projects, it will be gorgeous!

  6. When you said you were thinking blue, I smiled..we just did our bathroom a bright turquoise color. Not decorated at all yet, which is why I haven't posted pics…but painting such a small space can be fun sometimes. Good luck with the plum!

  7. oh my goodness i'm redoing my bathroom right now too! going with beadboard on the bottom, and this amazing shade of green called 'fresh guacamole' on the top with plum accents! it's one of those shades of green that looks spectacular with purples…. i'll upload pictures when it's done!

  8. I have a very similar red in my dining room that's ready to go gray. 🙂 I know whatever color you decide on, plum or not, it will be great.

  9. I love the idea of plum…trying to find somewhere in my home to use it! Can't wait to see how it turns out.


  10. That is going to be great with the board and batten. Love the dark colors and the contrast of the crisp white. Can't wait to see it.

  11. I recently painted an accent wall in my living room a deep plum color, and I love it! I am drawn to blues normally as well–most of my house is bathed in aqua..but the purple really makes a statement, and goes with the blues well in my opinion. The board and batten look is hot too–I just posted about a wall I did–and the difference it made was dramatic and just plain awesome! I can't wait to see how you spin it!

    Here's a couple links to my plum wall:

    And my board and batten if you wanna look 😉

  12. Holy Moly! My guest bathroom is an identical twin to your red bathroom. Same red walls, Same layout, & same exact vanity that I painted black. And mine too is in DESPERATE need of a Make-Over! I can't WAIT to see what you do with yours!

  13. Valspar was just advertising a really pretty plum that matched Natalie Portman’s Oscar dress. I looked up the name- Plumberry! It’s part of their new line and it is super rich and pretty.

    I also like their Seal Gray; it’s a really pretty grey plum.

    If you haven’t already done it, they are giving away free sample kits right now along with a $5 off coupon. Maybe your husband won’t freak out so much if you get a good deal! 🙂

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