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Hello everyone it has been a long week for me, how about you?   Well I thought to kick off the weekend I would offer a giveaway!

The Can Organizers are durable cardboard storage units that store all of your canned goods.   It makes your pantry look so nice and organized.   In fact, after putting mine together I went on a pantry rampage and organized the whole thing just so these wouldn’t look out of place.


The ones I have are the cupboards ones.   They fit 8 of my Campbell’s soup cans in them.


I am in love with these and already got some for my mom too…after all she is where I have gotten my love of stock piling canned goods from.   Since they are made of cardboard they are super affordable at $3-$4 an organizer depending on size.

I was a little concerned because they were made out of cardboard but after seeing them in my pantry I don’t have any worries that they won’t last because it isn’t like they are getting a lot of wear and tear.


The Can Organizers are giving away one 4-pack of the organizer size of your choice to one lucky IC reader.   This is the perfect timing for an organizing giveaway since spring cleaning will be happening soon I suspect.

To enter to win:

1.   For one entry tell me what canned good you have the most of in your pantry (one comment).

2.   For a second entry tell me what size you could use in your home.

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  1. I just painted my pantry and am getting ready to organize! This would be perfect. My biggest canned pantry item would be rotel. We always have a can!

  2. I would use the pantry size organizer the most, all though they would all be great!

  3. The canned good I have the most of is soups. I use them a lot for cooking and lunches. Can’t wait to win these organizers!

  4. I have the most canned beans. We use them in everything, and this type of thing would be super helpful for getting them under control!

  5. I love my pantry organized and labeled. I’d probably use the smaller ones and I’d say I have the most of canned black beans.

  6. The shelf organizers would work best for me and I sure could use these. Thanks for the great give away.

  7. I could use either the cupboard or the shelf size. I have two different depth shelves in my pantry.

  8. We eat lots and lots of homemade soup, so my canned item that I have the most of is diced tomatoes!

  9. OK…I’m need these so bad! we have no pantry…and the limited cupboard space I have is hard to keep organized! we have lots of evaporated milk around here…and black beans! yum!!!

  10. Oooh I love these things! I’ve seen them before always thought about ordering them but just never did. I’d love to win this!

  11. I would like the cupboard size. I have a good size pantry but maybe then I would not shop as much! I still shop for 4 even though there is two!

  12. Rotel tomatoes for yummy queso and pears. Lite ones. I could use of bunch of 4-pack organizer.

  13. (Love the new look here, Beckie!) 🙂 This may sound crazy, but we probably have the most cans of green beans. It’s pretty much the only vegetable I can get my 3 year old to willingly eat…so we stock them. :s

  14. I have a ton of tomato soup in my cupboard because I loooove grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  15. Oh geez I got so excited I didn’t read the rules lol. I have tons of cream of mushroom soup! OH and cream of chicken and potato too. We make lots of hearty soups in the winter.

  16. I want these oh so bad! Right now I have lots of diced tomatoes that I would love to organize a little better

  17. I just moved, so ate up most my reserves before moving, but in general I would say I normally stock up on soup and Oregon brand fruit when it goes on sale.

  18. I would take either the shelf or the cupboard size. It’s hard to choose since I have cans that go in my pantry for the shelf size and in my kitchen that would fit cupboard size.

  19. randomly I have TONS of mushrooms in my pantry… my husband and I add them to EVERYTHING!! Not everyone’s cup of tea but we sure do love them.

  20. I have all kinds of soups right now due to a sale and coupon combo for progressive soup which I love!

  21. I have a pretty much endless supply of canned soup!! And it is taking over my pantry!

  22. i have a pantry that would make any 1950s bomb shelter homemaker proud! so i think the pantry size would be best.

    love this giveaway!

  23. Wow, what a great giveaway! In my cupboards, it’s a toss-up between black beans and diced tomatoes.

  24. I would definitely need these for cream soups, diced tomatoes and chicken broth! I would love to try these!

  25. I would love to win the pantry size! They’d be perfect for our pantry in our new house (that needs organizing!!!)

  26. Great giveaway, just in time for spring cleaning! I could definitely use the pantry size. I always have cream of mushroom soup and rotel tomatoes on hand.

  27. Soup is what we have the most of! These would be great!

    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  28. I buy tomato soup and diced tomatoes (which I see you do too) in bulk. Those are followed closely by mandarin oranges. I love those straight out of the can.

  29. The pantry size organizer would work the best for me. Thank you for the great give away.

  30. would definately need the smaller – Cupboard Organizer size – the others are too deep for my pantry shelves!

  31. I think I like the cupboard organizer best. I’m not sure my pantry shelves are deep enough for the other sizes.

  32. I think we probably have the most cream of mushroom soup, we use it for lots of recipes.

  33. How cool are these? They’re certainly something I could use. I mostly have beans~kidney, great northern, garbanzo, and then tomatoes.

  34. the most plentiful can i have is tomatoes. i use them for so many different dishes! but i’d say green beans are probably a close second b/c it’s the only canned veggie we like (now, a frozen veggie bag organizer for the freezer would be really useful!)

  35. Tomato Paste. I’m from Chicago and you can’t get a decent pizza in Arkansas… So we make our own. We buy LOTS of tomato paste to make super yummy homemade pizza.

  36. I have a lifetime supply of Ravioli! Okay… so I am exaggerating….but I have a ton:)

  37. I definitely have a huge stock of diced tomatoes. The shelf sized organizers would be perfect!

  38. I would probably use the pantry size, not sure though, I’d have to measure my new cabinets

  39. My most common size of cans is the soup can size. We always have a ton of soup & veggies in our pantries and some of these would be great!

  40. I would use the 22 1/2 inch ones the most. We’re lucky to have really deep pantries.

  41. I love refried beans. So easy and convenient. And I haven’t mastered a homemade recipe that is as yummy.

  42. I would love the cupboard size. We don’t have a real pantry space, so these would be great. What a neat idea!

  43. I have more soups than any other canned product in my cupboard. I think because I use many to cook with, not just to make soup with. But vegies run a close second!!!

  44. I personally would use the pantry size, but if I won, I might ask for the shelf one. My daughter has four small children and has more cans in her cupboards, stacked of all things, and oould use it more! I love this product though…and if you wanted to dress them up with color, how about wrapping paper. A fairly inexpensive shelf paper too!

  45. My husband and I are addicted to baked spicy garbonzo beans! We currently have enough to feed an army lol! Best snack ever and at .89 cents a can you can’t beat that! (better than cheetos for my waistline too ) lovin the cardboard organizer idea! If I don’t win I guess I’ll do what us crafters do best and MAKE one 😉

  46. The can good I have the most of in my pantry is cranberry sauce. We eat it all year long with the costco premade chicken and it very rarely goes on sale here other than around the holidays 🙂

  47. We have a tiny pantry so the cupboard size is the only one that would work for us. And it would be perfectly awesome to help keep this small space organized!

  48. Soup, soup and more soup! I would go with the cupboard size. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I have more cans of soup than anything else right now. Probably because it’s a quick and easy meal. These would be great to separate the gluten-free from the gluten-full soups for my husband and me! 🙂

  50. The cupboard size would probably fit better in our pantry right now; although if I could get the larger pantry size to work for storage in our basement, I think I would prefer that size…

  51. Definitely the pantry size would be most needed for me. My pantry is a mess and no many how many times I clean it all of my cans always end up hidden in the back!

  52. The shelf sized organizer would fit perfectly in my pantry. I’m excited to actually go in there and clean it out!

  53. I think the shelf sized ones would work great for us right now as we are using some book shelves at the moment!!

  54. Right now the most we have is Tomato sauce with over 125 cans! We thought we didn’t have any so we ended up getting 1 case of it and we still had a full case from the previous year!

  55. We seem to have many, many cans of beans of all types! We have a deep pantry and it would be wonderful to have a way to organize we don’t have to reach all the way back to find out what we have.

  56. This would be great for my pantry! I have a lot of canned soups. I would use the pantry size organizer the most.

  57. Wow, I have never seen these before. HOW AWESOME! My pantry is FULL of unorganized cans. Mostly cans of all different types of beans and tomato sauce. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. My stockpile is bursting with different kinds of beans and lots of corn…I’ll love to win those…

  59. I would love these… the majority of cans I have in my pantry are either campbell’s soup cans or canned beans/veggies.

    thanks for the opportunity.

  60. I have Rotel and Diced Tomatos coming out of my ears!!! The medium sized ones would work great for me!!

  61. I have many cans of cherry pie filling….awesome for quick easy desserts….and with a can of cream cheese frosting (for those monthly cravings! ) The cupboard size would probably be the most efficient in our house.

  62. The shelf size would be perfect. We recently moved and my pantry got smaller, ugh. Now I need to get creative about where I keep things.

  63. I’d love the cupboard size…I try not to have TOO many of the same thing around, so the bigger sizes just wouldn’t be practical.

  64. These look like the perfect incentive for a spring clean 🙂
    My pantry always has some pulses, I’d say black beans are probably the what I have the most of.

  65. I have just been looking for something like this to organize our cans! We have tons of canned green beans!

  66. The pantry size would be most helpful to us but I could also use the cupboard and shelf organizers too!

  67. I would get the shelf size one, as it’s the most practical for where I store things, though I could totally find uses for any of the sizes.

  68. I have tons of Cream of Chicken soup.
    I would definitely need the big size, my pantry is super deep, it is a pain because I can never see what is the back of my cupboards.

  69. I have so many cans of soup – it’s our go-to option for a wuick and healthy lunch when we’re short on time.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  70. The Cupboard Organizer size would work best in my home.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

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