5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome

It’s been a looooong winter, folks.  The only thing that helped me deal with the effects of cabin fever, some days, was dreaming about the things I could do when Spring and Summer finally arrive.  Last year, I put a lot of effort into making our backyard deck a more enjoyable space for my family.  We enjoyed the fruits of our labor so much that I have to admit, I’ve started thinking about other projects we could do to make our backyard more fun.  I thought you might be interested in some of the ideas I’ve seen on other blogs for backyard projects.  While all of them encourage spending more time outdoors, in your own backyard, they can be fun for everyone–not just families with children.   Check out these five ways to make your backyard awesome!

make your backyard fun

1.  Build an Outdoor Fireplace


When the Sweet Pickin’s Furniture family decided to revamp their backyard, an outdoor fireplace became their focal point.  They discovered that you can actually purchase kits for fireplaces, which really helped them to achieve the look they wanted.  Doesn’t that look like a great place to toast marshmallows and visit with friends?

2.  Make a Beverage Station


Your friends and family will be forever grateful on hot summer days if you provide them with a place to quench their thirst such as this upcycled beverage bar station.  Just looking at it makes me want a cold drink!

3.  Install an Outdoor Shower


If you have a pool, a sandbox, a dog, or kids who love to get messy, an outdoor shower is a must!  Just think how great it would be to clean off most of the dirt before you track it inside–and to have warm water available for that job!  A Thrifter in Disguise shares info on the installation of their backyard shower.

4. Build a Playhouse


Who hasn’t dreamed of having a treehouse or playhouse in their own yard?  A Handmade Home built this one for their children, and they provide detailed how-tos.  The awesome thing about playspaces like this one is that they don’t have to be just for kids–adults can enjoy structures like these as studios, picnic shelters, or sleeping porches.

5. Get Some Outdoor Furniture


Outdoor furniture can get pricey, but building your own definitely cuts back the cost.  DIY a pallet sofa–like this one from Funky Junk Interiors–that you can curl up on with a good book while the kids play in their new playhouse!

Do you have big plans for your outdoor spaces this year?  If you could add anything to make your backyard more fun, what would it be?

If you’re looking for some backyard ideas that don’t require quite as much construction as the ones I’ve shared above, check out my tips for turning your fire pit into an outdoor coffee table, adding deck lighting, making a stenciled outdoor rug, and how to stain a deck.

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