This Mother’s Day Gift Printable Pill Box with Chocolate makes one of the most cutest, quickest and cheapest ever.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and every year it sneaks up on me and I am scrambling to get a gift at the last minute.  Well, this gift is really easy to put together and takes scissors, double-sided adhesive, and a printer.  

Most women love chocolate as much as their children so this combines the two loves into one gift.

I came up with an easy, anyone-can-do, adorable Mother’s Day project using a pillbox from Dollar Tree. 

This is a print and cut kinda project with fantastic results.



Dove Dark Chocolate Promises 
(the Sea Salt Caramel and Mint are my favorites)

Patterned cardstock

Double-sided adhesive

Printer and scissors or a Silhouette Cameo machine

Mother’s Day printable PDF or Silhouette Studio File

Optional: bakers twine

How to make the Mother’s Day Gift Printable Pill Box

1.  Begin by printing out the Mother’s Day printable file.  If you have a Silhouette machine I have provided the print and cut file.  If you don’t have a Silhouette machine you can print out the PDF in black and white and cut out the squares with scissors.

mothers-day-printable mothers-day-chocolate

2. Cut out “I Love U MOM!” and using your double-sided adhesive stick those to the top of the pillbox on each of the days. 

In order to make the heart, I just used another piece of cardstock on my Silhouette machine and cut out just the heart.


3.  I have provided 12 mom quotes.  Pick 7 of them that you want to use.  Cut them out and put them at the bottom of each day of the pillbox.  No need to use adhesive just drop them in.


4.  Place two of the Dove Chocolates in each of the days.  I love the Mint and the Sea Salt Caramel ones. OMG! they are heavenly.



5.  Optional:  If you have time you could cut out pictures of the grandkids or yourself and put it under each of the days’ opening.  You could also seal the gift by tying baker’s twine around the box with a bow.


After your mom eats the chocolate there is a little “mother quote” underneath.  Sweet, sentimental and some really silky smooth chocolate!




Updated April 16, 2020

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  1. Am I missing the link to the .pdf? I only see the .studio file, but I don’t have a silhouette. Looking for the .pdf as this is such a cute and easy project for my kiddos to make for grandma!! Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi! I’m working on a roundup post of great Mother’s Day ideas and I’d LOVE to include this! It would just be your hero image with a link back to your site. (I’m seriously considering doing this for my mom, even though I don’t have a Silhouette!) Such a great idea, and I’d love to share it with my readers. Shoot me an email if you get a chance! (the post goes up on Monday-sorry for the short notice, but I just saw this in my Pinterest feed) 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m so excited to make these with my First graders this week! I LOVE the pdf that you have created for it. I have a question for you though, how can I edit the pdf? I wanted my First graders to come up with reasons they love their moms and plug them in to make it more personal and at their level. Any help from you would be awesome, that way I don’t have to recreate the wheel! Again, thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!!

  4. Hi Holly, Unfortunately, you cannot really edit a PDF file. It would be pretty simple to type out what the kids say though, size them to fit the bottom, and then cut them out. I am really glad you can use these for your class. I’d love to see a pic when you get them complete!

  5. you can put an additional message/picture under day flap so you don’t see he day

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