Did you get a chance to enter the HP ENVY printer giveaway?  The winner is going to be so lucky!  Taking pictures and finding ways to display them can be a lot of fun.  With the ease of digital photography, there are so many new and interesting ways to preserve memories.  One way that is really on trend right now is the photo booth: these DIY photo backdrops are popular spots at special events like weddings, birthday parties, and even holiday celebrations.   Guests can have fun posing and  making photographic memories that the busy hosts wouldn’t have time to catch, otherwise.  If a photo booth sounds like fun for your next event, check out these terrifically creative 5 Ways to Create a Photo Booth.

1.  Create a backdrop

You’ll find a great list of tips and ideas for creating delightful photo booths for events of any size at Chickabug Blog.   Learn just how easy it is to use colorful fabric for a backdrop, and find out how to make your own fun frames.

2.  Make it work for your theme

Let’s Explore shows off the photo booth she made for her daughter’s Toy Story themed birthday party.  She incorporated Toy Story elements in everything from the backdrop to the darling Etch-a-Sketch frame to all the other props.

3.  Go outdoors

There’s a great tutorial for building a photobooth wall at Ruffled that can be used outside at any event.  The vintage wallpaper and frame combined with the gorgeous outdoor setting make for a lovely mix.

4.  Provide props

Great props are the key to success when it comes to photobooth fun.  At A Little Tipsy, you can see some great ideas for providing easy, DIY photo props. I love all the glasses and colorful mustaches!

5.  Add personality

Over at No Biggie, Kami shows us how to make chalkboard speech bubbles.  These are the perfect element for letting your guests add their personality (and personalized messages!) to the photobooth.

Do you have a favorite way to get your friends and family to say cheese?

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