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Laura, from Finding Home, knows how to make anything out of yardsticks – I am convinced.  Do you remember her deer art made out of yardsticks?  It is one of my favorite projects she has done here on IC.  Today she is back with an even easier project that makes a huge statement.  A holiday star out of yardsticks that looks great outside, on a mantel or part of a gallery wall.

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Two things make a Christmas DIY project tops for me – it is super easy and it can be used after Christmas.

And this one fits the bill.

A DIY star made from yardsticks.

Christmas Barn Yardstick Star 

1.  Start with 5 yardsticks. I picked mine up at a True Value store and just hit them with some of Miss Mustard Seed’s antiquing wax to make them look older. This would also work great with vintage yardsticks.

2. Lay them out in a star pattern

3. Use a drill to make a small hole at each joint.

4. Attach each “point” with a small bolt and nut. Keep it loose until they are all attached. Then form your desired star shape and tighten the bolts to hold in place.

Yardstick Star Directions

I wired on a cluster of holly and tied on a ribbon.

Yardstick Star Ribbon 

Wood Yardstick

The best part – is it doesn’t have to be just for Christmas – just remove the holly and ribbon and it is ready for year round decorating.

It is perfect on a gallery wall

Wood Yardtick Star


Or on a mantel…

Yardstick Star Mantel 

And of course, outside…

Yardstick Barn Star

If you would like to see my home decorated for Christmas, please visit here….

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  1. I LOVE Laura and all of her yard stick art! This star is super cute! Thanks for sharing! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  2. I am headed over to Lowe’s in the morning to pick up some yard stocks. Thank you Laura for the brilliant idea!

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