Welcome to Day 5 of Pennywise Presents.  Please welcome Amy from The Idea Room.  She will show us how to make some Monogrammed Soap Dispensers.  Talk about a Pennywise Present!  Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.
Hey there! My name is Amy from The Idea Room. I am excited to be a part of Beckie’s Pennywise Presents Series. Today I would like to share with you a fun, easy and inexpensive gift that is perfect for teachers, neighbors and friends…

Monogrammed Hand Soap and/or Sanitizers. Photobucket


A bottle of hand soap or hand sanitizer

A sheet of overhead transparency

Goo Gone (to remove labels)

 PhotobucketI usually buy my bottles of soap and hand sanitizer from the Dollar Store. {Or you can buy empty bottles and fill with soap and sanitizer}. Then I remove all the stickers and labels from the bottles. I got my paper labels wet and they easily scraped off. To clean off any glue residue, I used Goo Gone which I purchased at Home Depot.
**Download the free monogram label here.

You should be able to save it onto your computer and then upload it into your word program and edit it.

Measure the width of your bottle. In your word program edit the monogram and size it to the proper size for your bottles. Add the letter you need in the center. Then print out the monogram. If your printer is a laser printer, you can print the monogram right onto your overhead transparency paper. If you don’t have a laser printer, print the monogram onto a regular piece of paper. Then copy the monogram onto the overhead transparency with a copy machine. Most copy centers will be able to do this for you. Photobucket **The above step is very important. If you don’t print it with laser printer or copier, the lettering will fall off your vinyl and float in the sanitizer or soap…which doesn’t make for a pretty present! **You can always forgo the above step and just cut out some vinyl in the monogram and place it on the front of your bottle too.
Cut around your printed label as straight and as close as you can get to the writing so that it fits properly into your bottle. Check before you cut the bottom of the label to be sure that it will sit as high in the bottle as you would like it to. Photobucket Roll up the label so that the writing is in front. I roll mine backwards. Stuff it into the top of the bottle carefully.

PhotobucketUse the soap dispenser to push the label to the front wall of the bottle and to straighten it in the right position. Photobucket The best part about these is that they are so affordable and practical. They are also completely customizable. You could really put anything on the transparency and they could be used for so many things…birthdays, home decor, for new parents and their frequent guests, etc. Here is a version I made two years ago for one of my child’s teachers. Photobucket **For the "hand in hand" download, click here. Happy gift-giving! Thanks for having me Beckie!

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  1. Great gift idea! The monogram makes it look custom and expensive 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

  2. This is a great idea! I wish I would have thought about this last year…we made Thieves Oil liquid soap and gave it out as part of our presents. This would have made it a ton more special. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I LOVE this idea! Very cute!

    I'm trying to download, but it looks like you have disabled that. I can click the print button but the download button is grayed out.

  4. Loving this idea! I'm going to use the "clean hands" template for our everyday soaps. Thanks so much.

  5. This is super awesome. So easy, so useful, and so classy! I am totally going to have to make one now. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. P.S. I just tried downloading the monogram label and Scribd is only allowing me to print it–not download it. Is there a way I can fix that so I'll still be able to edit it and add a letter?

  7. I understand there are some issues with the link. I think I have fixed it. Hope it works now.

    Thanks for the kind comments. And thanks for having me Beckie. It is an honor posting on your awesome site!

  8. What a lovely idea! Great teacher gift idea! I'm still unable to download the monogram. I hope I'll be able to download it soon!

  9. This is AWSOME!!!!

    Thank you for all your GREAT ideas!!! just an FYI to pass on the can use regular Vegetable oil to remove the sticky glue left from the label.. Cheap, easy and most everyone has it already in the kitchen cupboard..

  10. Beautiful! Was unable to get to the monogram using google docs. Has anyone been able to download it? Thanks! J.C.

  11. Beautiful! Was unable to get to the monogram using google docs. Has anyone been able to download it? Thanks! J.C.

  12. Just a note for everyone wanting to make one of these. The transparency paper can be costly if bought in a package. It comes either 50 or 100 to a package. If you call your local office supply store and talk to their "copy" department they should have individual sheets you can buy from $1.25 to $2.00 a sheet. I'm going to make some for teachers gifts this Thursday with the kids. I hope they turn out as cute as Amys.

  13. I was also unable to download the document. It is SO cute. I hope that we can make it work.
    What a great idea. Thank you idea room for starting me on a new blog!

  14. I've wanted to make something like this for forever. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to get on the ball!

  15. L-O-V-E this idea! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be making a few of these in the future! ~Iris~

  16. What am i missing?? How does the mongram stick to the inside of the bottle? What keeps it from floating around in the soap or snaitizer?

  17. What a great idea! This year, I am trying to teach my children the value of making the gifts ourselves. This is a wonderful way to get them to help make their own gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Well, I might be creative, but apparently I am not technologically savvy! I will still try to find a way to get those of you who are having trouble a copy of the monogram. For now, just shoot me an email and I will send you a copy of it for Microsoft word. Then you should be able to pull it up in word, send the monogram to the back of the document and write over it with text. My email is:

  19. These are awesome! I made a soap dispenser logo with the hands poem on it. I added "teaching hands" to the poem since my friend that i am giving it to home schools her kids. And then a sanitizer with the monogram and I added the words "hand sanitizer" to the bottom so she would know which was soap and which was sanitizer. I got both bottles at the Dollar store. i had the overhead sheets all ready. It cost me just $2 to make a wonderful gift! Love it!!!

  20. What a creative and wonderful gift idea! The tutorial shows inserting the transparency into an empty bottle. I'm wondering if you can put it into an already filled bottle? Otherwise, did you just empty the contents into a bowl, wash out the container, insert transparency and then refill? Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. OMG! This is the perfect gift! I know what all of my teachers will be getting next year! Thanks for the fab idea.

  22. What a wonderful gift for my MIL's caregivers. Great idea. I can't believe the laser ink doesn't come off in hand sanitizer though. I can't wait to try it. I love the "hands" words. Thank you. I was running out of things to make.

  23. Just wanted to let you know I love this! I am giving a small holiday gift workshop at my church this Sunday and am using this as one of the gifts. 🙂 I made up monograms with all the letters and saved them as a pdf and have uplaoded it for the ladies in my group to use to make more at home. I hope that’s ok! Here is the link that anyone on here can download and use:

    It includes letters A – Z plus the hands printable on the page with the Z. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing! I linked back to your blog on the scribd page so people would know what this was for and where it came from. 🙂

  24. Hey y’all…Im trying to set this up on a Mac in Pages (from iWork) and cannot do it. I have the design on there with no problem, but when I try to add the initial via text box, it won’t let me move it to the center of the design. I may be missing something or doing it all completely wrong, I don’t know. Can anyone help me please???

  25. Hey Kelly! I may be totally missing it but when I click on the page, I only see the Z one and the hands ones….I don’t see the A-Z ones. I’m needing to do an A and a C and was wondering how I could access them in order to use them. Any help would be so very appreciated!

  26. I’m not understanding how you apply the label from inside? I get that I need to have a cleaned out bottle but how do I apply it evenly to the inside of the container?
    Thanks! It’s a really cool idea, I must be missing something.

  27. You just pour the soap back in and use the stick of the pump to push it in place and get it stuck to the inside of the container. It works, I promise.

  28. I would love to do this but I am obviously challenged in the area of technology. I downloaded the monogram file but it won’t let me add an initial. Also, I tried the helping hands download and it kept coming up as the monogram file. Can you email me with how to help? I appreciate your willingness to share your crafty ideas!

  29. I think it floats. Right? It seems to me that if you are using an adhesive and then add an alcohol based hand sanitizer that the adhesive would dissolve. Not sure about that though.

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