I got reallllllly familiar with the digital vinyl cutting feature on my machine this week.   I created a Subway art of all the places my husband and I have lived as a married couple.


Do you know what I have discovered?   WE HAVE MOVED TOO MANY TIMES…and this is the longest we have stayed in one house (2 1/2 years).

I used Silhouette’s software to design all the words.   I used Arial and Arial Black.   And then I just stretched them to fit the space I needed them to, which made it look like I used all different fonts.   It became a puzzle, but was soooo fun.   I want to do another one ASAP

Of course it wouldn’t have the IC spin on it if it first didn’t begin as Roadkill Rescue.   I was driving to my mom’s house when I saw this sign sitting curbside.   On my way home I grabbed the dirty, dingy sign (while my husband was once again rolling his eyes at me).


When I got it home I stripped off the old paint and sanded the whole thing smooth.   I primed it and then sprayed painted it in an espresso color.

I decided to turn it on its side.   I know it isn’t symmetrical but I think it adds to the funkiness of the piece.

Then I got to work hanging out with my new BFF machine cutting and sticking.


It ended up looking like this but it was too stark and dark for me.   I know some of you are dying that I painted it and like it like this.   But it is my house…mwwwwaaahaha.


I painted the frame (Dutch Boy Lake Champlain) aqua to complement my master bedroom color scheme.   Then I took 100 grit sandpaper and sanded off a lot of the paint.


Using small screws and wire I attached a hanging thingamabob on the back.   I love that the sign was two-sided so I can still remember where I got the sign from in the first place.


Then I hung it in place.



And now I am going to take a break on my master bedroom for a while.   It is finally at a spot that makes me say, “Ahhhhhhh!”

Subway Art


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  1. LOVE IT!!!! That is such a cool sign. It has so much character. Isn't dumpster diving (or curb diving) awesome! I've have found so many great things out by the curb.
    Come check out my blog if you find some time! Thanks!

  2. Beckie,
    I guess this is that final touch you were talking about ;). I like how you put your own spin on it. I am dying to make a subway art sign for my son's just painted room…Your sign is just great!

  3. A very cool sign!!! What a fantastic job! Making one of these has been on my list for a long time.

  4. But you know what's the most precious thing to me about this project? The "100 Brambleridge Court" part. All that's missing is the "Apartment 29." BLESS IT. This is lovely, Beckie.

    (Wait, was it Apartment 29? Dude, I lived there for 2 years…you'd think I'd remember. Sigh…this old age thing is for the birds. THE BIRDS, I tell ya.)

  5. WOO HOO for roadside finds. Love the lines of that sign, and don't worry, we would never roll our eyes at you. LOVE IT! Looks amazing. You Silhouette girls came up with amazing ideas.

  6. That turned out so great. I want to find a cool sign like that. I made one for my son's room of places we like to visit in Utah and 2 cities he's lived in. I was born in Indianapolis and raised in Columbus, In.

  7. Love this! What a great concept and a beautiful finished product! Great job! 🙂

  8. That is so cute! Love the detail in the old sign and how it framed out the art. And you have moved a lot! Wow!

  9. Modesto! My parents live in Oakdale. Did you like it there? Honestly I didn't like it much there! Love the sign though, such a great idea.

  10. It's lovely! I can't believe you've lived in all those places! I've live in St. Louis all my life and Can't imagine living anywhere else.

  11. Beckie, It looks great! you did a fabulous job. Ohhh how I must win that silhouette! 🙂
    loving your room!

  12. That is too dang cute! And yes, you guys HAVE moved a lot! LOL
    And how, how, how did you find that fabulous sign?! I never find anything special like that. . . *sigh*
    So jealous….
    Are you using the Silhouette transfer tape? I got my Silhouette about 6-8 months ago and haven't tried my vinyl that came with it yet. And I'm just now realizing I need transfer tape. If so, do you like it? I need to order some and I'm thinking the Silhouette brand should be good. Thoughts?

  13. Your little area in the Master is so rad!! (and by rad, I mean cute and cozy…) 😉

  14. i totally love it! what a great idea! im impressed you remember all the addresses. i don't know that i'll be able to, but i can't wait to make my own! thanks for the idea!
    ps. i love that you painted it like that! 🙂

  15. JEALOUS! Way to explore and be a couple. I haven't only moved from next door to next door in my hubs home town of boonyville. Great idea too! Freak I hope I win!

  16. It is gorgeous! But I would have had a hard time painting over that sign! It is so fun. It would make a really cute headboard too! Such a great shape!

  17. loooooove it. I could do the same, only all of our addresses would be in Vancouver, LOL! We've moved 12 times in 10 years, and this is our longest stay…we've been here 3 years ")

  18. The aqua really sets it off and makes the addresses stand out. I thought that I had moved a lot since getting married, but now realize I have nothing to complain about! I think that I may have to make one of the signs though. So cute!

  19. I.LOVE.IT. I saw the address one on Tatertots and Jello too and have been dying to make one. James Bond is military, so I've got 11 addresses so far (in 15 years of marriage). By the time he retires I could have a whole wall of subway art addresses. 🙂

  20. it's just perfect! it really is tha final touch in the space- great job! and if i were to make one with all the locations we have lived…. i think i'd need a bigger sign. luckily we are finally planting roots and here to stay for a while. 🙂

  21. it's just perfect! it really is tha final touch in the space- great job! and if i were to make one with all the locations we have lived…. i think i'd need a bigger sign. luckily we are finally planting roots and here to stay for a while. 🙂

  22. it's just perfect! it really is tha final touch in the space- great job! and if i were to make one with all the locations we have lived…. i think i'd need a bigger sign. luckily we are finally planting roots and here to stay for a while. 🙂

  23. it's just perfect! it really is tha final touch in the space- great job! and if i were to make one with all the locations we have lived…. i think i'd need a bigger sign. luckily we are finally planting roots and here to stay for a while. 🙂

  24. Very creative idea! I "rescued" an old dresser a few weeks ago and haven't been inspired yet to refinish it! Waiting for inspiration and motivation to strike at once!

    Sandra (formerly Just Playin')

  25. Very cool idea! I didn't know you once lived in DC. Come back so we can join forces! 😉

  26. Oh it is sooooo supah groovy great! Love!
    I have family in Modesto–not that I'm a fan of moving, but it'd be way coolio to see you 'round these parts 🙂
    btw, you always find the best roadside stuff!

  27. i LOVE it!! What a perfect way to remember all the places you and Tim have lived and the memories you have created in those areas!! My favorite by far is….Palisades Court!! 🙂

  28. OMG – I love it! It came out soooo great!! Love the colros, love the old sign and the fonts and spacing are wonderful!!

    So cute Beckie! Do you want to link it up to my subway art party? I'm going to do feature post on Sunday 🙂


  29. I LOVE it! My living room is brown and blue and I've been wanting to do something for it. I'm inspired now, by yours. My eyes went right to the words Modesto. I grew up there but now reside in Utah!Great job and fab find. Did you impress your hubby with the end product? They just don't have the vision.

  30. You have done a lot of work on your MB and it looks great. I LOVE this sign you made, very cool.

  31. dont mean to "one up" you….
    but i've moved more. 😉
    amazing work as always.
    birthday month!

  32. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!!! I want to make one, too!!!! Awesome job… and the armoire looks WONDERFUL! Inspiring… 😉

  33. I love everything about your bedroom re-do! I thought it looked complete before this sign, but the subway art looks great! Wish we were blood relatives so I could share that creative gene pool. =0P

  34. You created such a perfect balance in that corner with your sign. It's truly a great piece!! I love it.

  35. Really cool! I loooove the frame and the way you painted it!! I am wanting to make one of these of all the military bases and addresses we have been too (my husband is in the Army), but I do not have a Cricut…wahhh! I may just have to stencil something. Any suggestions for those of us without vinyl?

  36. I love subway art. I am in the process of making one for my house. The theme that I am going to use if Italy, the name of my neighborhood is Tuscany Estates so I want my subway art as a Tuscany theme. I love what you have done with yours.

  37. That is SO COOL! I'm striving to make ANY part of my house feel like "ahhhhhh"! I'm just in awe of what you did here!

  38. i really love how that looks! it is totally cool and suits the room it's in extremely well. great stuff!

  39. What a great piece of memory art! I love the texture that the blue paint gave the piece. Visiting from the Mad Skills party.

  40. I really love this!! I am not sure I could pull off such a great job…but I may try this project…I would love to make one for my office!

  41. What a great idea! My mom and dad moved many, many times together due to my dad's career in the Army. This would be a cute idea for them.

  42. I love this! after 32 moves I don't think I could come up with all my addresses. Maybe the 11 moves since marriage! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday~ I'm featuring this tomorrow!

  43. This is by far the best DIY subway art I have seen. Way to go! I guess I need a vinyl cutting machine!

  44. This is SO cool! I want a Silouette so badly, and this is definitely a project I'll be coming back to! I love that the sign still has the "original" markings on the back… just so much more character to the piece!

  45. Beckie – Love this! I just bought a cricket and want to do something similar…can you please share what you used to attach the paper or cardstock t the wood, and what you put over it to preserve it?! I have a friend who has moved, moved, moved (like you!) and she has a birthday this month! GIFT!

  46. Love your sign! Love it even more because I grew up in Lynchburg! I know where Brambleridge is!!! Great little town with many memories….

  47. Thanks Amanda. If you go to my Silhouette and click on the Silhouette tab there are tons of tutorials to help you with your machine. Good luck and happy crafting.

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