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Hi friends! It’s Destiny from A Place for Us Blog and I’m back today showing you a fun DIY project I recently made for my office gallery wall. I didn’t even know what I wanted to call it at first, but Studded Wall Love seamed appropriate. When it comes to crafting I’m all about easy and this project falls right into that category:0)

I think gallery walls of any kind are personal and unique. But it’s fun sometimes to look at something other than a photo or poster. It actually started out as a project with my boys, but I turned it into a little art project for my wall. I’m in the middle of making over my office and I just wanted to try out something new. You can do the same thing and make a state, shape, letter or anything else cool. I found my “spikes” on the jewelry isle at Michaels.




Wood Cut to Size

Gold Beaded Cones


Spray Paint

I made my design pretty abstract but like I said you can make any shape you like.

Start with your wood cut to size and start placing the cones/spikes on. Have fun. Relax. It’s art:0)

Feel free to use craft glue, wood glue or any other friendly glue that you have on hand. With my piece I started at the top and made my way to the bottom and then flared out on the sides just a bit. Kinda looks like Italy;0)

Stud Art Wall How to

After that, use your favorite spray paint and give it a spray all over. My favorite right now is Gold Glitter by Rust-Oluem. It gives the entire project a more chic look. I think this would look super cute in a boys room too. I’m thinking red, blue, green spray paint for a boyish look:0) My boys loved the feel of the spikes!  We used them for some dinosaurs!

Studded Wall Art

Gallery Wall with Studded Wall Art A Place for Us Blog

So, that’s a little different right?! But I really do love how it came out. Not super traditional, and a little more edgy than my style normally is but, it works! You can come and see the rest of my gallery wall over on A Place for Us along with some more updates!

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  1. This is such a cute project. Where do you get the pointed cones- I don’t think I’ve ever seem them before?

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